Event guide 2021/ May

4.05. Events dedicated to the Restoration of Independence of the Republic of Latvia. Location: Valmiera county.
4.05. Celebratory concert “Roks. Brīvība. Mīlestība” (“Rock. Freedom. Love”). Location: Valmiera.
4.05. White tablecloth festival. Concert by the band “Nepāriet” with music from Imants Kalniņš. Location: Kocēni.
9.05. Celebration of “Ūsiņdienas”. Location: Valmiermuiža stable.
9.05.  Boat trip “Laivu maršs” throught the Abula river. From Trikāta to Brenguļi.
14.-15.05. Vidzeme Business days 2021. Location: Valmiera.
15.05. Museum Night events. Location: Valmiera county.
15.05. Concert “Lielais blieziens” (“Big bang”). Location: Dīvaliņa meadows, in Valmiera.
15.05. Burtnieki sports games. Location: Vecate parish sports field.
15.05. Gauja Rafters festival. Location: Gaujmala, in Strenči.
22.05. Vidzeme dance festival. Location: Football stadium, Vidzeme Olympic centre.
29.05. Valmiera region song and dance festival. Location: Valmiera open-air stage.
29.05. Family sports day “Auto-Moto-Velo”. Location: Mūrmuiža.
29.05. Burtnieka lake festival. Location: By the Burtnieku centre boat canal.
29.05. Rūjiena ice cream festival. Location: Rūjiena.
30.05. Children's festival together with choreographer Agris Daņiļevičs. Location: By the Seda Culture house.
The conduct of the measure depends on the epidemiological situation in the country. Please follow up the information of the measure!