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2. Valmiera St. Simon’s Church
3. Town Square
4. Livonian Castle Ruins
5. Beverina Municipality Arts and Crafts Shop
6. Old Pharmacy
7. Valmiera Museum
8. Marshner’s House
9. The Statue of The Reclining Amazon
10. Walters Hill
11. Valmiera Music School
12. Dwelling House at Pilskalna Street 2
13. Laundry Drying Premises ar Pilskalna Street 2
14. Luca Hill
15. The Memorial
16. Island of Idols
17. Jānis Daliņš Stadium
18. The Steep Banks of the Gauja River. Gauja Steep Banks Park of Senses
19. Goat Rapids
20. Riga Gate
21. Valmiera Drama Theatre
22. The Millpond
23. Gallows Hill
24. Valmiera Parsonage
25. The Blue Bastion and medieval pedestrian walkway
26. The Hanse Wall
27. Sculpture Fountain of light
28. Valmiera Culture Centre
29. Bachelors Park
30. 3D Cinema Gaisma
31. Valmiera St. Radonezh Orthodox Church
33. Valmiera State Gymnasium
34. Narrow –Gauge Railway Bridge
35. Sculpture  Gift to the next Millenium
36. Vidzeme Olympic Centre
37. The Gauja Bridge
38. Vidzeme University of Applied Sciences
39. Sculpture The Boys of Valmiera
40. Old firemen tower
41. Pārgauja Craftsmen’s Maisonette
42. Valmiera Roman Catholic Church
43. Art Gallery Laipa
44. Valmiermuiža Beer Brewery
45. Active Recreation Complex Avoti and BMX Museum