Beverina region unites 3 smaller vicinities: Kauguri, Brenguļi, Trikāta. The center of the region is Mūrmuiža. The name of the region „Beverīna” is given because of possible places in Trikāta and Peka hill where could be legendary castle Beverīna located. The area of region is more than 30 000 hectares large. Very famous people in Latvia, Linguist Jānis Endzelīns, a writter Zenta Mauriņa and a race walker Jānis Daliņš had come from Beverīna region. There is a wide range of cultural and natural sightseeing objects .


The center of the region Mūrmuiža is full of historical sights. There is a fortified tower built in 16th century in the center. It was a dwelling tower of the Livonian Order outside the city, as the camber of the village it was firstly used for sacral activities. There is a Manor-house next to the fortified tower where Beverīna region Council is located. There is also Trikāta Lutheran church and Trikāta Livonian Order castle ruins in Trikāta.

The region is full of farms and enterprises; suitable for traveler groups or/and families with kids. “Abullači-2” will introduce you with blueberries growing process, “Svitkas” – with traditions of strawberries, apples, piers growing. There are grapes grown and plants purchased in biological household “Vīnkalni” – it is possible to make an Italian pica and visit small animals here. Taste a beer in Brenguļi brewery.

The Beverīna region is proud of active leisure facilities – sport center “Baiļi”. There you can ski, snowboard in the Winter or ride a boat and go on a floater expedition “Baiļi faktors” in the Summer. New offer – sculpture labyrinth in “Arāji” where you can see interesting wood made sculptures, play games; adults can also go into the erotic sculpture labyrinth. There are also functional sport hall in Brenguļi – there you can do sports (tennis, basketball, volleyball, football). If you like to go by bike, try cycling route Valmiermuiža-Brenguļi.

Everyone can enjoy the nature of Beverīna region, go on a small tour in Love trail where River Abuls meets River Gauja or choose Miegupīte trail where writer Zenta Mauriņa was taking walks everyday.

Escape from fast city life and go to the Beverīna region – place where country meets the city!


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