Burtnieki region unites 6 smaller vicinities: Burtnieki, Ēvele, Matīši, Rencēni, Valmiera and Vecate. The population of the region is 8697 inhabitants and area is 70993.4 hectares. It offers many cultural and natural sightseeing objects, also leisure, sport and cultural events. The most famous symbol of the region is Burtnieki lake – the fourth largest lake in Latvia that is one of the most popular fishing destinations. There are six boat bases that offer you to rent a boat for fishing or leisure drives in the lake.


Burtnieki region is economical active because there are a wide variety of enterprises in different profile and industries. Agriculture and rural landscapes plays a significant role in the region. Farmers work in such an agricultural industries as a milk, meat, grain, sheep-farming; non-traditional and biological breeding.

The region invest capital in education, social protection, culture, sports and continue to participate in different kind of important projects since an administrative reform in 2009.

Burtnieki region offers truly hospitality to any visitor. That is the reason why the region offers the “Best enjoyed slowly” offer for everyone in sightseeing, accommodations, active tourism etc.

There are ideas and facilities for great and enjoyable holidays for everyone:

- for nature lovers: the coast of Burtnieki lake;
- for youth and students : a holiday complex „Avoti”;
- for weddings: a romantic Burtnieki Manor park;
- for Valmiera inhabitants: close farm „Vildēni”;
- for cycling tourists, traveler groups, families, friends and culture lovers, meeting organizers: two or one day trips.

There are special offers for gourments and fishermen in Burtnieki region. There is a facility to rent a boat to go in a drive in Burtnieki lake. After that you can participate in contest „The largest fish of Burtnieki lake” or take a chance to catch and prepare a fish in guest house „Burtniekkrasts”. Gourments are welcome to “Valmiermuiža Craft Brewery” to have a guided tour and taste a beer in the degustation. You can also go to Ēvele to taste a mutton shashlik in guest house and ecological farm ĶEMPĒNI and to farm ATDZELVIEŠI where you can taste hemp butter or honey in Farm DULBEŅI.

More information: www.burtniekunovads.lv