In close cooperation of 11 partners from Latvia, Estonia and Sweden, from October 2015 until December 2018 the project “Hanseatic Approach to New Sustainable Alliances” will be carried out. The aim of the project is to revitalize the historical heritage of the Hanseatic League and it is supported by the Central Baltic programme 2014-2020.

Why Golf Is The Perfect Sport To Take You Outdoors in Valmiera

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11.04.2022. 07:05

Sport has always been important in Valmiera. Multiple Olympians have called it home, and the sporting infrastructure is second-to-none. Basketball, football, and floorball are the sports of choice, but what better way to spend some time outdoors in a relaxed and fun manner than to play a round of golf. We truly believe that golf is the perfect sport to take you outdoors in Valmiera! Whether you’re taking junior for a day out, spending time as a family, or getting away by yourself to calm your mind, it’s ideal for being out in the fresh air. Here’s what makes golf the ideal activity for spending a day outdoors in Valmiera. 

The main Golf club in Valmiera is Leisure park AVOTI.

Tourism in numbers and facts in 2021 in the Valmiera municipality

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28.02.2022. 09:50

At the beginning of the year, we are not only determined to implement the new ideas, but to also look back on what we have done so far to understand the big picture and be able to increase tourism in the region both locally and internationally. Valmiera Municipality Tourism Board has compiled the most important information of the 2021 municipality tourism industry, behind which are not only numbers, but also people and their stories.

The Valmiera Art Benches – on the route along the river Gauja

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22.06.2021. 11:22
Instead of a canvas, a wooden bench, instead of exhibition halls - the urban environment of Valmiera, moreover, spectators have the opportunity not only to see the work of art, but also to sit in it. These are the Valmiera Art Benches. Also this year, Valmiera residents and town guests are delighted by new benches painted by artists. Inviting you to take a walk along the city's main street - the river Gauja, the Art Benches are located on a new route on both banks of the Gauja.

Valmiera's application for the title of European Capital of Culture 2027 – openly true and motivating

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16.06.2021. 12:59
The town of Valmiera in Latvia and internationally is more recognizable for its achievements in economics and sports. The results in the economy reflect the pragmatic nature of Valmiera residents, the results in sports - purposefulness and hard work on the way to success. Valmiera's desire to become the European Capital of Culture (ECOC) is related to the need to transform into a high-culture micro-city, where culture interacts with a pragmatic management tradition.

Aviareps Nordic virtual exhibition - for the promotion of Gauja National Park municipalities and tourism entrepreneurs

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17.04.2021. 07:23
Enter Gauja will participate in the tourism exhibition Aviareps Nordic, which will take place from April 20 to 21 and due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, planned Aviareps Nordic Roadshow MOVES online as an interactive 2 day virtual fair.

The Old Pharmacy in Valmiera - the oldest, built in the most archaic way wooden building in Latvian cities

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19.03.2021. 10:02
The Valmiera city municipality during the reconstruction of Valmiera Old Pharmacy at Bruņinieku street 1 (the middle of the three buildings) for the exposition of Valmiera Castle Cultural Environment Center during the implementation of the European Union project “Development of Valmiera Historical Center”, discovered hitherto unknown architectural-historical evidence with significant historical, scientific and cultural-historical value.

The Valmiera Tourist Information Centre receives the “Hiker-friendly” badge

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19.03.2021. 09:40
At the meeting of the “Gājējam draudzīgs” (“Hiker-friendly”) commission held in Latvia at the end of February this year, 87 companies and tourism service providers, including the Valmiera Tourist Information Centre, were awarded the “Hiker-friendly” badge. It is organized within the framework of the project “Long-distance cross-border hiking route “Mežtaka””. In total, 104 pedestrian-friendly hospitality service providers have already been awarded the badge in Latvia.

Valmiera joins the world’s biggest photo project

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11.03.2021. 15:07
INSIDE OUT is the world’s biggest and all-encompassing people’s photo project, the goal of which is to change the world. From Ecuador to Nepal, from San Francisco to Palestine, and even the Arctic: people from all over the planet join the project to share their photographic portraits and stories, becoming a publicly exhibited work of art. Valmiera becomes part of this socially important and inclusive project. Large photo portraits will be set up in a special location somewhere in the town. What these will show is up to the citizens, because everyone will be able to become a work of art.

A different tourism year in Valmiera in 2020

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10.03.2021. 11:26
The Valmiera Tourism Information Center (TIC), as usual, in the first quarter of the year looks back at what has been done, compiles tourism statistics at the destination and opens new pages for ideas for next year. However, this time the past year is not and cannot be considered as usual. The year 2020 has left indelible traces in the history of the world, bringing great challenges to the tourism industry. Therefore, we want to look at the past year in tourism not only through the prism of dry numbers. Every day, statistical numbers in our news feeds are a stark reminder of the new world and its changes. We looked to see the people and the stories behind them - about traveling, about emotions and new habits in our daily lives!

ITB Berlin NOW virtual exhibition - for the promotion of Gauja National Park municipalities and tourism entrepreneurs

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02.03.2021. 13:27
Enter Gauja in cooperation with the Latvian Investment and Development Agency (LIAA) will participate in the world's leading tourism exhibition ITB Berlin NOW, which will take place from March 9 to 12, as a virtual event. It is attended annually by representatives from around the world, bringing together around 60 000 individual visitors and more than 120 000 industry representatives.

Worth knowing about Valmiera!

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17.02.2021. 13:11

Valmiera is the largest city in Vidzeme with active business, nature-friendly thinking, lively cultural and sports life, based on ancient traditions. Here the ancient meets the modern, the industrial meets the natural and therefore the residents and guests of the city feel good here.

Visit Valmiera - the pearl of northern Latvia - on a virtual tour!

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15.02.2021. 07:32
At a time when we are limited to travel and meet, Enter Gauja in cooperation with the city of Valmiera invites to get acquainted with the tourism offer of the Gauja National Park. The pearl of northern Latvia - Valmiera - will give you inspiration to travel in a virtual tour! The start of the virtual tour is planned for Sunday, February 28th, 10AM (EET), in Enter Gauja National Park and Visit Valmiera Facebook pages.

Valmiera commits to become the European Capital of Culture

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17.02.2021. 12:25

Valmiera residents are pragmatic, realistic and rational. Valmiera and the future Valmiera region are also a united and rich cultural space with strong traditions and formidable creativity. It is unique and constantly rediscovered. That is why Valmiera is determined to become a European cultural destination by developing and implementing a long-term cultural program at the European level in the newly established region. It will be available to everyone living in Valmiera region and at the same time interesting for Latvian and European residents, giving everyone the opportunity to find an important place in the program.

Valmiera Castle cultural environment center is being built

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25.01.2021. 10:20

Simultaneously with the ongoing wall restoration, reconstruction of the pharmacy building ensemble and construction of the new Valmiera Castle cultural environment center building, the historians of the Museum of Valmiera, in cooperation with the authors of the exposition design project SIA “H2E” and municipal specialists, are creating the exposition of the future Valmiera Castle cultural environment center.

Ski tracks are open in Valmiera

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19.01.2021. 08:43

To encourage people to spend their free time healthy and actively, ski tracks are opened in the Dīvaliņa meadows and leasure park "Avoti", and are available free of cost to everyone.

Valmiera Tourist Information Centre is closed to visitors

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21.12.2020. 12:50
We are closed to visitors!
During our standard working hours, customers will only be served remotely.
If you are interested, please contact us by phone +371 26332213 or e-mail [email protected]

Live Tour Around Gauja National Park

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10.12.2020. 10:01
To meet the increasing demand for traveling and new adventures, EnterGauja are now delivering live virtual guided tours so you can meet a locals and explore a new places and satisfy your inner explorer without even leaving home.

Video about Valmiera in Hanseatic period

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05.09.2018. 09:42

Video is made to show Valmiera and citizens in Hanseatic times through new costumes and cullinary. The video is made to upgrade application "Explore Valmiera". Video is financed by the project No.CB110 "Hanseatic Approach to New Sustainable Alliances" co-funded by the Central Baltic Sea Region Cross-Border Cooperation Programme for 2014-2020.

Explore the 9 HANSA cities with the new travel Apps

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24.05.2018. 07:28

HANSA cities have developed “Explore HANSA” Apps to smooth the visit to the 9 enchanting Hanseatic cities rich in heritage and tradition – Visby in Sweden, Pärnu and Viljandi in Estonia and Cēsis, Koknese, Kuldīga, Limbaži, Straupe and Valmiera in Latvia. The Apps allow to immerse in the city with all the necessary information in your pocket.

"Explore HANSA" in ITB Berlin 2018

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23.02.2018. 09:17

In March 7–11, 2018, the project will participate in one of the largest tourism trade fairs – ITB Berlin (Internationale Tourismus-Börse Berlin) in Germany to introduce the international audience to our cities and our products.

Tourism enterpreneurs from Valmiera get to know the Hanseatic city - Kuldīga

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10.02.2018. 09:52
To acquire examples of good practice and encourage to take-up the experience, number of tourism enterpreneurs and professionals of Valmiera and surrouding counties on January 31 went on an introductory visit to the Hanseatic city – Kuldīga.