Ski tracks are open in Valmiera


To encourage people to spend their free time healthy and actively, ski tracks are opened in the Dīvaliņa meadows and leasure park "Avoti", and are available free of cost to everyone.

When going on the 400-meter-long track, you will hear not only your ski steps in the snow, but also a happy scream - you can go sledding on the slopes nearby.
The ski track is marked and intended for both classic and skating style skiing. It should be mentioned that equipment rental is not available at the track, moreover, it is not lit, so if you want to ski in the dark, we encourage to bring your headlights.
The Valmiera city municipality thanks the Vidzeme Olympic center for cooperation in creating the ski track.
While the winter keeps spoiling us, the Valmiera Tourism information center invites to visit the webpage, to find out more about the snowy adventures in the Valmiera area. Recreation center "Baiļi" has an open track with a tablet-type lift for beginners, as well as a snowboard track with a lift. It is also possible to slide with cameras or other personal equipment (it is also possible to rent it in the recreation center).
For those who are closer to the ice slide, there is a pond for skating at the promenade in Kocēni. Also, in the center of Bērzaine, on the paved square, there is an ice rink, which is bordered by boards.
The Valmiera Tourism information center invites to enjoy the winter fairy tale by going on walks. Visit for the vast offer of routes. With the support of local entrepreneurs, meals prepared in cafes, bistros and restaurants will be useful for energy and warmth when going out in nature. For more information on, where to order take-away meals, visit here! 
Please be responsible and take seriously the risk of various injuries, so that you only have good memories of enjoying the winter. We also urge for the health of ourselves and others around us to be taken care of in accordance with the national safety measures to limit the spread of Covid-19 virus.
Information prepared by:
Zane Bulmeistare
Deputy head
Branding and public relations department
City of Valmiera municipality
 Mob. phone: +37126443410