The 9th European Greenways Awards have been given during the official ceremony in Dikli

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19.09.2019. 14:32
Six greenways from Latvia, Estonia, Czechia, Austria and Spain were awarded as reference of best practices in Europe.

Valmiera Art days invite to discover and move forward

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11.03.2019. 13:16
Steps cover the floor of the theatre, leisurely flowing through the sounds of music, leaving traces on the linen, lives between punctuation marks, whirls in conversations and invites you to the world or art. Valmiera Art days “Soļi. Pilsēta. Es.” („Steps. The City. Me) will be held from April 1st until May 1st.

More and more often travelers stay overnight in Valmiera

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20.02.2019. 06:36

All togother 19 181 tourists were accommodated in Valmiera last year which is a 3,29% increase compared to the year 2017. Accommodation data from the year 2018 was provided for the Valmiera Tourism information centre (TIC) by 23 tourist accommodations – 4 hotels, 2 guest houses, 11 apartments un 6 youth homes.

Video about Valmiera in Hanseatic period

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05.09.2018. 09:42

Video is made to show Valmiera and citizens in Hanseatic times through new costumes and cullinary. The video is made to upgrade application "Explore Valmiera". Video is financed by the project No.CB110 "Hanseatic Approach to New Sustainable Alliances" co-funded by the Central Baltic Sea Region Cross-Border Cooperation Programme for 2014-2020.

Take part in the tourism campaign and find “Centennial Treasures”!

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26.07.2018. 12:37
Ant’s path, crooked tree, pub, stump, cavity, roots – some places marked on the map and directions to hidden treasures.

Explore the 9 HANSA cities with the new travel Apps

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24.05.2018. 07:28

HANSA cities have developed “Explore HANSA” Apps to smooth the visit to the 9 enchanting Hanseatic cities rich in heritage and tradition – Visby in Sweden, Pärnu and Viljandi in Estonia and Cēsis, Koknese, Kuldīga, Limbaži, Straupe and Valmiera in Latvia. The Apps allow to immerse in the city with all the necessary information in your pocket.

The number of visitors to the Valmiera Tourism InformationCentre is increasing

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13.03.2018. 13:01
Valmiera Tourism Information Centre (TIC) have visited more than 10,000 visitors in 2017, according to statistics collected by the Valmiera Tourism Information Centre. This indicator has grown by less than 3% and the increase in the number of visitors as a positive trend is observed annually.

"Explore HANSA" in ITB Berlin 2018

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23.02.2018. 09:17

In March 7–11, 2018, the project will participate in one of the largest tourism trade fairs – ITB Berlin (Internationale Tourismus-Börse Berlin) in Germany to introduce the international audience to our cities and our products.

Tourism enterpreneurs from Valmiera get to know the Hanseatic city - Kuldīga

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10.02.2018. 09:52
To acquire examples of good practice and encourage to take-up the experience, number of tourism enterpreneurs and professionals of Valmiera and surrouding counties on January 31 went on an introductory visit to the Hanseatic city – Kuldīga.

Get to Know Valmiera with an Audio Guide

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16.10.2017. 08:39

Do you know how the St. Simon’s Church got its name or what was previously situated in the current town hall building? Can you imagine what a Livonian Order Castle with 10 m high walls looked like, with only ruins remaining nowadays? Did you know that the first music school in Latvia, outside of Riga opened its doors in Valmiera in 1920? You will find answers to these and many other questions in the Valmiera audio guide.

All food lovers are welcome at restaurants in Valmiera

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16.10.2017. 08:20

For the second time now, Valmiera is inviting people to the Restaurant Week, welcoming visitors with ancient flavours delivered in a contemporary manner. The Restaurant Week will take place from November 6 to November 12.

Tourism campaign will invite to search for “Centennial treasures”

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24.07.2017. 10:38
Valmiera Tourist Information Centre in cooperation with Kocēni, Burtnieki and Beverīna Municipalities will open the “treasure chest” and with that will invite local and foreign toruists from July 25 until October 31 to take part in the tourism campaign “Centennial treasures”.

A journey into the world of flavours – “Castle of Gourmands”

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18.07.2017. 17:01

The gate, leading into the oldtown of Valmiera and the territory of the Valmiera Museum, for one day – on July 29 – will become a border line between past and present, taking everyone into the Castle of Gourmands.

Small Hanseatic cities attract with nearness to nature and authentic history

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14.06.2017. 17:50
At the beginning of June travellers from Germany, the Netherlands and Luxembourg visited five cities from the HANSA project for the second test trip. Four selected test travellers went to Pӓrnu (Estonia), Valmiera, Straupe, Kuldīga (all – Latvia) and Visby (Sweden).

Research on Valmiera during the Hanseatic period has been published

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29.05.2017. 15:24

Research carried out by historian Ilgvars Misāns on the Hanseatic League is an important contribution to a better understanding of the history of Valmiera. It looks at the Hanseatic League not only as a political subject, but also highlights its social and economic contribution.

Pre-summer solstice celebration "Saulgriezis"

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13.05.2017. 13:16

In a never seen before scope will the pre-summer solstice event “Saulgriezis” on 10th of June in Valmiermuiža take place. Thanks to the participation of the ethno-eco festival “Sviests”, this year along the traditional events such as the fair, traditional activities, workshops, fire ritual and other equinox traditions, participants will have an opportunity to take part in the biggest in Latvia post-folk festival.

Cross-border tourism offers bring new perspective to travelling

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05.04.2017. 11:03

Cross-border tourism offers are a relatively new feature in the tourism market. This common conclusion was reached at the ITB Berlin travel fair, where representatives of the HANSA project had the opportunity to meet many tour operators from Europe and other parts of the world.

“Art Garden” will blossom in Valmiera

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04.03.2017. 12:31

From April 1 to May 1 everyone is cordially invited to take part in the activities within the framework of the annual Art days – series of creative events under the title “Art Garden”.

Official souvenirs of the European Region of Gastronomy 2017 are announced

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21.02.2017. 10:29

The Riga Tourism Development Bureau Foundation (Live Riga) together with the local governments of Sigulda, Cēsis and Valmiera, as well as the Gauja National Park tourism cluster has chosen the winners of the competition “Official souvenirs of the Rīga-Gauja Region 2017” and announced three official souvenirs.

The HANSA project starts its way to the tourism fairs!

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09.02.2017. 12:08

Year 2017 already rolls full steam ahead, and so do the travel fairs. The HANSA project also prepares for the upcoming tourism season, and the fairs are a great opportunity for You to meet us and get us know a little bit more!

Tourism offer in Valmiera will be represented in international fairs

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13.01.2017. 15:57

The taste of Latvian nature, skilfulness of local craftsmen, breath-taking hiking trails, joy of cycling, possibility to enjoy the beauty and variety of seasons, active recreation, culture events and the Hanseatic heritage – those are the main aspects on which the emphasis will be put in international tourism exhibitions-fairs to popularize the tourism opportunities in Valmiera, its surrounding districts and the Gauja National Park to travellers and tourism professionals.