Valmiera Castle cultural environment center is being built

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25.01.2021. 10:20

Simultaneously with the ongoing wall restoration, reconstruction of the pharmacy building ensemble and construction of the new Valmiera Castle cultural environment center building, the historians of the Museum of Valmiera, in cooperation with the authors of the exposition design project SIA “H2E” and municipal specialists, are creating the exposition of the future Valmiera Castle cultural environment center.

Ski tracks are open in Valmiera

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19.01.2021. 08:43

To encourage people to spend their free time healthy and actively, ski tracks are opened in the Dīvaliņa meadows and leasure park "Avoti", and are available free of cost to everyone.

Valmiera Tourist Information Centre is closed to visitors

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21.12.2020. 12:50
We are closed to visitors!
During our standard working hours, customers will only be served remotely.
If you are interested, please contact us by phone +371 26332213 or e-mail [email protected]

Live Tour Around Gauja National Park

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10.12.2020. 10:01
To meet the increasing demand for traveling and new adventures, EnterGauja are now delivering live virtual guided tours so you can meet a locals and explore a new places and satisfy your inner explorer without even leaving home.

Sports Travel To Valmiera: Here Are The Popular Spots

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31.08.2020. 14:49

Valmiera Tourist information centre is pleased to present you the article by Jordan Fuller, who is a retired golfer and who loves to travel for golf. Jordan Fuller is also a golf writer and owns a golf publication site ( and the usual topics are tips and tricks on how to improve the golf game. We are glad for this initiative and invite you to take a look in the article and find out more!


The biggest event for entrepreneurs “Vidzeme Entrepreneurs’ days 2020”!

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25.08.2020. 13:36

The Vidzeme regional branch of the Latvian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LTRK), the largest business association in Latvia, together with the Valmiera city municipality is organizing the “Vidzeme Entrepreneurs’ days 2020”, held in Valmiera on September 18th from 10am until 6pm and on September 19th from 8:30am until 4pm.

A new tourism route in Valmiera - A hike between four bridges

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17.08.2020. 10:05
Valmiera's most beautiful gem, the river Gauja, paints the city with its flow, just like an artist's brush. In some places, its banks with the rapid flow of the river are intertwined in an intense color palette, elsewhere in the calm "painting" of nature, other shades of color can be felt. Everything in one place - between four bridges over the Gauja. The Valmiera Tourism information center has marked a new 12-kilometer-long hiking trail that leads along both banks of the river Gauja.

New Apartments opened

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17.08.2020. 10:03
In order for the concert hall “Valmiera” and the restaurant “Vecpuisis” complex in Vecpuišu park to be complete and to expand the possibilities of accommodation in Vidzeme, the Vecpuišu park apartments “Valmiera” will start active guest reception in July.

Tourism in Valmiera blooms

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17.08.2020. 10:00
At a time when the tourism industry is slowly starting to recover and Valmiera tourism companies have already resumed their operations, the flow of travelers is also felt in the city. Following the initiative by the LIAA tourism campaign “Atklāj Latviju droši” (“Discover Latvia safely”) and the campaign of the Vidzeme planning region “#Atklāj Vidzemi droši” (“Discover Vidzeme safely”), we also invite travelers to visit Valmiera, loving its offer and feeling the hospitality in every place.

Valmiera Tourism Innovation Hackathon - Turning ideas into reality

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03.07.2020. 12:38
The Valmiera Tourism Innovation Hackathon was held on June 27 and 28, seeking to improve existing services and develop new products to attract Estonian and Latvian tourists to Valmiera. Working together with representatives from various industries, ten great ideas were developed over 24 hours.

The Hanseatic market is open for business in the center of Valmiera

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01.07.2020. 13:23
From June 18th, on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, as well as on other specially designated days, the Valmiera Hanseatic Market will take place in the city center by organizing thematic markets. Local producers from Valmiera, Beverīna, Burtnieki, Kocēni, Naukšēni, Mazsalaca, Rūjiena, Strenči counties, craftsmen or local producers will offer their products and products there.

June 27 and 28: Valmiera Tourism Innovation Hackathon

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17.06.2020. 07:12
In order to enhance the existing tourism offer and generate new offers for the attraction of tourists from Estonia and Latvia, we kindly invite enthusiasts and experts, patriots and friends of Valmiera – representatives of information and communication technology, marketing, design and tourism industries, to reserve June 27 and 28 and join a 24h hackathon.

Enjoy a scenic cycling route in the nearby areas of Valmiera

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22.05.2020. 07:01

At a time when blooming spring and warm sun rays encourage you to go outdoors, the Valmiera Tourism information center in cooperation with the Beverīna county municipality has marked the whole scenic “Puspedālis” route of the beloved bicycle and film festival "Kinopedālis" from 2019. It leads along the landscapes of Valmiera and Beverīna counties for almost 25 kilometers.

New Art benches in Valmiera

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15.05.2020. 11:21

On April 24, three new Art benches were installed in Valmiera. This year the paintings on the benches were created by artists Ieva Iltnere, Kristīne Kutepova and Pēteris Līdaka. The benches are on Cēsu street, before the bridge over Gauja, next to the Valmiera Art school and on Rīgas street 20.

The government has decided to extend the precautionary and security measures during the emergency situation

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16.03.2020. 10:18
The government has decided to extend the precautionary and security measures during the emergency situation in order to prevent more effectively the spread of COVID-19 in Latvia. The restrictions will affect the work of educational establishments, public assembly, movement outside the state borders and other areas.

The activity of travelers in Valmiera is increasing

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27.02.2020. 11:45
In Valmiera tourist accommodation in 2019 increased by 9.95% in comparison to the year 2018. The total number of beds provided to tourists during the year has also increased by 4.61%, according to the statistics for the year 2019 gathered by the Valmiera Tourism information centre (Valmiera TIC).

The event guide for the year 2020 has been released

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17.01.2020. 06:48

The new year has begun with new events – the Valmiera Tourism information centre in cooperation with the counties of Beverīna, Burtnieki and Kocēni has released the 2020 Event guide, composed of exciting events for everyone. We welcome guests from near and far in cultural, educational, recreational events and festivals. Every month will surprise with special events for both children and adults.

The 9th European Greenways Awards have been given during the official ceremony in Dikli

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19.09.2019. 14:32
Six greenways from Latvia, Estonia, Czechia, Austria and Spain were awarded as reference of best practices in Europe.

Valmiera Art days invite to discover and move forward

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11.03.2019. 13:16
Steps cover the floor of the theatre, leisurely flowing through the sounds of music, leaving traces on the linen, lives between punctuation marks, whirls in conversations and invites you to the world or art. Valmiera Art days “Soļi. Pilsēta. Es.” („Steps. The City. Me) will be held from April 1st until May 1st.

More and more often travelers stay overnight in Valmiera

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20.02.2019. 06:36

All togother 19 181 tourists were accommodated in Valmiera last year which is a 3,29% increase compared to the year 2017. Accommodation data from the year 2018 was provided for the Valmiera Tourism information centre (TIC) by 23 tourist accommodations – 4 hotels, 2 guest houses, 11 apartments un 6 youth homes.

Video about Valmiera in Hanseatic period

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05.09.2018. 09:42

Video is made to show Valmiera and citizens in Hanseatic times through new costumes and cullinary. The video is made to upgrade application "Explore Valmiera". Video is financed by the project No.CB110 "Hanseatic Approach to New Sustainable Alliances" co-funded by the Central Baltic Sea Region Cross-Border Cooperation Programme for 2014-2020.