Valmiera will carry out a project with partners from the Central Baltic region


On January 2016 the Valmiera City Council signed a partnership agreement with the Inspiration Gotland, which is the main partner of the project “Hanseatic Approach to New Sustainable Alliances (HANSA)”. Project gathers 10 partners from Latvia, Estonia and Sweden and it aims at highlighting unique Hanseatic values in each of the partner-cities and combine them in one common tourism offer. Therefore enhancing the visibility of the Hansa brand and motivating travellers to get to know the historical Hanseatic cities.

Eight partners from Latvia have joined the project, namely, Cēsis Culture and Tourism Centre, Koknese, Limbaži, Pārgauja and Kuldīga counties, as well as Valmiera City Council and the Vidzeme Planning Region. Viljandi and Pärnu City Councils represents Estonia and from Sweden – Gotland Region and the Gotland Tourism Development Agency “Inspirational Gotland”, which is also the leading partner of the project.

The project in total will last 39 months (until 31 December 2018) and the aim of it is to prove that the Hanseatic values and the Hanseatic times in general does not belong to history books, but have had a significant effect on the cities and societies and is a part of a sustainable cultural heritage.

By examining history and articles found in Valmiera from the Hanseatic times, with the support of the project travellers will have an opportunity to travel back in time and get a hands-on experience of what the Hanseatic markets were like. Furthermore, several new tourism projects will be created, allowing having an insight into the Hanseatic music, costumes, gastronomy. With the help of several masterclasses, involve in various creative activities.

Several new hiking and cycling trails will be created, the “Hanseatic gastronomy” will be revitalised by connecting the Hanseatic values with the local gastronomic traditions. Other activities are planned as well to increase the number of incoming tourists all year round.

The project is carried out with a financial support of the Central Baltic Programme 2014-2020 of the European Regional Development Fund with an aim to revitalize the historical heritage of the Hanseatic League. From the European Regional Development Fund in total EUR 1 832 523 will be allocated for the project activities.





Aiga Akmentina
Valmiera City Council
Tourism Project manager
Tel.: +371 26308785