HANSA project partners explore valuable examples of Hanseatic theme marketing and promotion


Last week partners of the project “Hanseatic Approach to New Sustainable Alliances” (HANSA) visited European Institute of Cultural Routes and German Hanseatic cities Lemgo and Lübeck. The Hansa is one of the Certified Routes, and partners learned, how project’s development and promotion can benefit from that label. Study tour participants also explored, what a small Hanseatic city can do to manage marketing and promotion.

The study tour began in Luxembourg, where project partners visited the European Institute of Cultural Routes. Since the Hansa is one of the certified European Cultural Routes, project partners learned about the demands on these routes in terms of quality, research and evaluation every three years. The Institute has an impressive cooperation with bodies related to the European Commission, UNESCO and UNWTO. Marketing and promotion activities are stressed to make the Routes an important part of European cultural tourism, therefore Hanseatic cities can gain more visibility worldwide. Representatives of the Institute also suggested, that HANSA project partners could participate in training of Cultural Routes representatives on how to preserve, develop and promote those routes.

Study tour continued in Old Hansa city Lemgo (Germany), where project partners learned, how a small town can be successful in creating and promoting Hansa related products and events. Since HANSA project cities are small, the experience of Lemgo is relevant and can be used to improve tourism offers of project cities. HANSA project partners saw valuable examples, how it is possible to manage marketing and promotion without a huge budget, how to use the Hansa name in connection with local products and events and how to manage local networking to get inputs and support from different stakeholders, e.g., local citizens and businesses.

The third destination of the study tour was the Queen of the Hansa – the German city Lübeck. Project partners visited European Hansa Museum and saw, that the Hanseatic theme can easily be presented in a modern approach without losing the historic perspective. In Lübeck project partners also visited the City Archive – one of the largest remaining archives in Europe and the main archive for documents and other materials about the Hanseatic theme. Archive specialists showed some examples of information related also to the partners’ cities that can be found in the vast collection of the City Archive. Study of these materials can benefit the research that is planned in the project, since Lübeck City Archive certainly has historical information about the project cities that is still unknown to them.

Study tour participants also attended a seminar given by Lübeck-Travemünde Marketing, which cares for marketing and sales, the tourist information and the major events. Project partners learned about local networking activities and Lübeck’s approach to communication and promotion issues. HANSA project partners were especially interested in practicalities, which can be related to the project cities, i.e. Lübeck-Travemünde Marketing’s funding concept and cooperation with local companies.

Detailed information about HANSA project’s visit to the European Institute of Cultural Routes and German cities Lemgo and Lübeck can be found on our website’s news section: http://www.hanse.org/en/ExploreHANSA/news/.

From October 2015 to December 2018 11 partners from Latvia, Estonia and Sweden work on the project “Hanseatic Approach to New Sustainable Alliances” (HANSA). The project is implemented with the support from the European Regional Development Fund Central Baltic Programme 2014-2020. The aim of the project is to enhance the values of the historical Hanseatic League. Latvia is represented in the project by Cēsis Culture and Tourism Centre, Limbaži, Pārgauja, Koknese and Kuldīga municipalities, Valmiera City Council and Vidzeme Planning Region. Project partners from Estonia are Pärnu City Government and Viljandi Town Government, and Sweden is represented by Region Gotland and Inspiration Gotland, which is also the lead partner of the project. Read more about the project on our website. Follow HANSA project activities on our Facebook page!

More information:
Inger Harlevi, Project manager, “Inspiration Gotland”, e-mail: [email protected]