Small Hanseatic cities attract with nearness to nature and authentic history

At the beginning of June travellers from Germany, the Netherlands and Luxembourg visited five cities from the HANSA project for the second test trip. Four selected test travellers went to Pӓrnu (Estonia), Valmiera, Straupe, Kuldīga (all – Latvia) and Visby (Sweden).
The tour consisted of biking activities, city walks and exploring Hanseatic heritage and nature in small Hanseatic cities. The travellers praised neat surroundings in cities and obvious presence of nature, e.g., in Valmiera, where the well-known nature trail “Park of Senses” is just a few minutes out of the city centre. In Kuldīga great impressions were received from sand caves. On Gotland travellers had the opportunity to witness the impressive fields of sea stacks, after having enjoyed Visby, a UNESCO World Heritage due to its Hanseatic authenticity.
The guests also noted the quality in services and efforts to preserve the authenticity of historical objects, meanwhile including these objects in the daily activities of the cities. The guests admired the restored Old Post Station in Straupe, and they also had the opportunity to see, how older buildings naturally merge with the entrepreneurship of a modern city.
This was the second test trip of the HANSA project. First one was conducted in the beginning of May (8th-13th). The suggestions from both test trips will be compiled and will help to improve the tourism services in the project cities. After the improvements, the HANSA project will feature familiarization trips for tourism journalists and tour operators to promote the cross-border packages. These test and familiarization trips will help to increase the numbers of visitors to the cities in the future.
About the project:
From October 2015 to December 2018 11 partners from Latvia, Estonia and Sweden work on the project “Hanseatic Approach to New Sustainable Alliances” (HANSA). The project is implemented with the support from the European Regional Development Fund Central Baltic Programme 2014-2020. The aim of the project is to enhance the values of the historical Hanseatic League. Latvia is represented in the project by Cēsis Culture and Tourism Centre, Limbaži, Pārgauja, Koknese and Kuldīga municipalities, Valmiera City Council and Vidzeme Planning Region. Project partners from Estonia are Pärnu City Government and Viljandi Town Government, and Sweden is represented by Region Gotland and Inspiration Gotland, which is also the lead partner of the project.
More information:
Inger Harlevi, Project manager, “Inspiration Gotland”, e-mail: [email protected]