The number of visitors to the Valmiera Tourism InformationCentre is increasing

Valmiera Tourism Information Centre (TIC) have visited more than 10,000 visitors in 2017, according to statistics collected by the Valmiera Tourism Information Centre. This indicator has grown by less than 3% and the increase in the number of visitors as a positive trend is observed annually.
The average size of the group has also increased. Last year it was 1.71 people more. In total, 6793 requests for information were registered, in which one question of interest was recorded as one request for information, regardless of whether the visitor was a single guest or a whole group. Thus, compared to the data of 2016, it is observed that there is a slight decrease in the number of interested ones (-1.42%), while there is an increase in the number of visitors to the TIC, which allow to conclude that guests visiting the TIC in order to receive information of interest to them travel more often with someone together or in groups.
Among registered requests for information 86.5% were spot-on visitors, while 10.51% were interested via telephone calls, but less than 3% used email or communication on social networks. Invariably the majority (88.53%) of the served ones are residents of Latvia and Valmiera. Last year Valmiera TIC serviced almost 12% foreign visitors.
Naturally, the greatest number of visitors is recorded in the summer months (July, August), taking into account the traveler's habits of relaxing in the very warmest months of the year. A large, significant activities and events run (Valmiera City Festival, Summer Theatre Festival, cinema - bicycle festival "Cinema Pedal", etc.) in Valmiera has attracted an increased interest in travelers. Compared to the 2016 data, there is an increase in the number of requests for information in the so-called intermediate season – March (28.78%), including September (22.16%).This is explained by the interests of visitors to engage in both the various events organised by Valmiera TIC such as hiking and velo trips, the evenings of travellers’ tales, and using the guide services offered by TIC for tours in the city and surroundings.
Looking at the information seekers and the number of visitors in the context of foreign visitors, Valmiera's main guests come from Estonia. The proportion of residents of Neighborhood among all foreign guests is 42.52% and they are very happy to use not only tourism opportunities for entertainment, accommodation or catering, but also often visit Valmiera's largest shopping centres - TC "Valleta", "Depo", "Kurši", furniture stores etc. Travelers from Germany, Finland, Russia, Lithuania, France and other countries also have visited Valmiera.
Travelers in the Valmiera TIC have approached a wide range of interests: what in the city and surrounding area to see, where to eat, what informational materials in the TIC are available, what are the possibilities to apply for a guide, what souvenirs are in the offer and what events take place at the destination. In turn, locals and inhabitants of the neighboring counties are mostly interested in various events in the city, have taken the opportunity to participate in public events organized by the TIC, as well as interested in the possibility to make or receive their own Culture Card. In particular, the overwhelming response this summer was Valmiera TIC organized tourist travel campaign "Centennial treasures", inviting travelers to get to know Valmiera, Koceni, Burtnieki and Beverīnas counties’ values, visiting 20 different ambuscades.
Taking into account the features of the technology era, travelers' habits also change, and more and more travelers find information on the destination of their interest on the Internet. The tourism vortal 2017 statistics confirm that the number of visitors to this website, as well as the number of pages viewed and the number of unique IP addresses compared to the visit data in 2016, has increased. This trend was also observed in previous years. Vortal continues to attract new visitors reaching  the number 116829 of them in 2017. Compared to 2016, the indicator has grown by less than 8%. The visitor in the vortal stays for an average of two and a half minutes and visits pages 3 to 4 within one visit. The number of visitors who go to the website via has increased by more than 21 thousand, but the number of visitors entering directly the vortal is decreased. It concluded that the travelers' behavior on the website show the desire to get information quickly by typing only certain key words. The number of visitors entering the vortal through various portals containing information - Riga Gauja, Enter Gauja, Valmiera News and Delfi (tourism section) has also grown. The most popular sections of, which have a good view growth compared to 2016, are "Events", "Get to Know", "Where to sleep", "What to See and Do".
Analyzing the views of the in foreign language versions, the greatest attandance of increase is observed in the version of the Estonian language website. Compared to last year's figures, it has increased by 4%.
It should be noted that the Valmiera Tourism Information Centre communicates with travelers and interested persons about Valmiera also using various social networks: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
Anita Tīlena
Valmiera City Municipality
Valmiera Tourism Information Centre
Senior Tourism Project Manager
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