More and more often travelers stay overnight in Valmiera


All togother 19 181 tourists were accommodated in Valmiera last year which is a 3,29% increase compared to the year 2017. Accommodation data from the year 2018 was provided for the Valmiera Tourism information centre (TIC) by 23 tourist accommodations – 4 hotels, 2 guest houses, 11 apartments un 6 youth homes.

In comparison to the data from 2017, there is also a 15 849 (7,55%) increase in provided bed places in Valmiera. The exact number of the provided bed places is unavailable, since some of the tourist accommodation places are seasonal. There were also some changes in the operations of appartments and youth homes, therefore the available data for the year 2018 is only partly comparable to the data from 2017.
The biggest share of the people staying overnight are from Estonia (24,32%), Finland (14,11%), Russia (10,41%), Lithuania (8,94%) and Germany (6,13%), as well as from Sweden, Poland, Great Britain, South Korea and Belarus. In comparisson to the data from 2017, the share of Estonian overnighters has increased by 21,97%. The year 2018 also saw an increase in the average duration of the stay by the tourists (by 0,3 days). The longest stays came from tourists from Russia (25,80% out of all foreign guests), Estonia (15,27%) and Finland (10,83%).
The Valmiera TIC was visited by more than 10 thousand visitors in 2018. The avarage size of the visitor groups has also increased to 1,8 people in 2018. Overall there were 7 086 requests for information, as well as an increase (+4,75%) in visitors.
Out of all the information requests 78,83% of them were made on the spot in person, while 15,20% were made via phone calls, but around 6% communicated through e-mails or social media chats: Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Even more people choose to find answers for their questions by calling or texting, instead of visiting the TIC. The majority (88,35%) of the serviced people are still Valmiera city residents. Last year TIC provided service for around 11% foreign guests.
The biggest increase in the amount of guests was from May until September. The reason for this is the wide selection of important events taking place at this period of time (“Kino Pedālis” festival, Valmiera city anniversary celebration, Valmiera summer theatre festival, Valmiera marathon and others). In comparisson to the data from 2017, there’s been an increase in the demand for information also in the so calld midseason – January (17,33%) and February (28,03%). The reason for that is increased interest from visitors to take part in various events organized by Valmiera TIC, for example, Traveler story evenings and winter hikes, as well as using guide services for field trips in the city and nearby areas offered by Valmiera TIC.
The majority of the foreign visitors are from Estonia (45,78% out of all the foreign visitors). In 2018 the amount of travelers from Estonia increased by more than 9%. Not only do the visitors from Estonia gladly use the opportunities provided by the accommodation or catering services, but also visit the largest shopping malls in Valmiera combining their shopping with the visitation of tourist attractions. Also Valmiera has been visited by travelers from Germany, Finland, Russia, Lithuania, France and other countries.
Travelers have reached out to the Valmiera TIC with a vide range of interests and questions: what kind of events are taking place in the city; what to visit in the city and the nearby areas; where to have a meal; what kind of information materials are provided by the Valmiera TIC; how can you arrange a city guide; what kind of souvenirs are offered and how does the Valmiera audioguide work. Meanwhile the locals have shown interest about various events taking place in the city, have used the possibility to take part in public events organized by the Valmiera TIC, taken the opportunity to make their own or receive a personal Valmiera Culture card, as well as have used other services provided by the Valmiera TIC.
Since human habits have changed, more and more information about tourism destinations is being found on the internet. According to last years statistics published on the tourism site , there has been an increase in both the visited web pages, as well as the unique IP addresses. In 2018 the amount of unique visitors reached 129 266 users, which, in comparisson to the 2017 data, is an increase by 9,6%. Visitors stay on the page for a longer period of time and on average open three sections of the site in one session. There has been an increase of more than 8 thousand visitors, who have reached the page through, bet there’s also a positive tendency, that more and more visitors enter the page directly. This leads to believe that the web page is becoming more popular among travelers.
More detailed information about the Valmiera TIC tourism statistics is avalaible at section “Statistika”, where visitors can also find more detailed statistics about Valmiera city tourist accommodations from the year 2018.
Information provided by:
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