Valmiera Art days invite to discover and move forward

Steps cover the floor of the theatre, leisurely flowing through the sounds of music, leaving traces on the linen, lives between punctuation marks, whirls in conversations and invites you to the world or art. Valmiera Art days “Soļi. Pilsēta. Es.” („Steps. The City. Me) will be held from April 1st until May 1st.
Valmiera Art days will start on April 1st with the art happening “Soļi”, inviting guests (until April 27th) with the help of the special map to find art in places, where you normally wouldn’t find it : the bus station, caffe, the bank, grocery store – eight different locations around the city. Guests will have the chance to see paintings, graphic arts, photography arts, works from pottery, fiber arts, design, installations and object arts made by the students of Valmiera Design and Art school. Starting from April 1st the map will be available at the Valmiera Tourism information centre. Additionally, if filled correctly, participants can win suprise prizes.
Over the years during the Valmiera Art days popular Latvian artists traditionally leave traces of their steps – paintings around the city. What would the artists Klāvs Lauriņš (the bench on the Rūpniecības and Cēsu street intersection), Ieva Jurjāne, Anna Heinrihsone and Helēna Heinrihsone (three benches by the Kazu rapid) paint on the benches around the city, will be available for guests to see on April 27th. This year the bench next to the Valmiera Design and Art school will be painted by the school’s 3rd year students under the guidance of teacher Iveta Gudeta.
As for the teenagers the theatre performance „Pavasaris” („Spring”), which was produced for the Valmiera Summer theatre festival, will tell the story about self-search, longing and growing up. It will be held at the Valmiera Drama theatre on Arpil 29th and will be organized by the group “Kvadrifrons”.
On April 5th, at 4:30PM, at the Museum of Valmiera everyone is welcome at the opening of exhibitions by Helēna Heinrihsone and Anna Heinrihsone. Helēna Heinrihsone is one of the brightest and most versatile painters in Latvia working with oil paintings, watercolors, litography, porcelain paintings and animation. She possesses the power to change, to go into the unknown, discover something new and again return to the familiar. With her drawings and  spatial objects Anna Heinrihsone has turned to the theme “saknes” („roots”), telling that “a true experience that I feel as a magnetic point of attraction, is an object of worship – hidden, intimate and irrelevant to others. Like a fruit of power, to which we return as a religious source. A crumble of roots is rolling by the sea. The roots movement ir rushed, non-linear, reasonable. I don’t see it as a sign, I feel following me like a breath at the back of my head. Roots are of unuasual forms. They are like the beginning and the end both at the same time”.
Furthermore at the Valmiera Art days there will be special movies shown at the “Gaisma” cinema (free entrance). Stories about daring to be different, the ability to accept the diverse, the search, that tweaks creativity, and looking into the world of an artist through 65 000 frames, that are hand made oil paintings on canvas.
As for the steps left by composers, the Māris Briežkalns quintet “Rothko in Jazz” will let you find out about them on April 30th at 7PM at the Valmiera Culture centre, while at the same time trying to solve a difficult task – if the paintings by the pioneer of abstract expresionism Mark Rothko were songs, what would they sound like.
The musical meeting will be held at the charity concert “Mans solis. Tavs solis. Satikšanās” („My step. Your step. Meeting”) by the group “Valmierai. Mūzikai. Kultūrai” („For Valmiera. For music. For culture”) and Valmiera Music school at the Valmiera Culture centre on April 21st at 4PM.
Vocal band „Putni” („Birds”) and organist Larisa Carjakova invite people to attend the concert programme, made with the purpose of mental meditation, on April 22nd at 4PM at the church of St.Sīmanis in Valmiera. The multi-tone a cappella singing of the works by medieval and also modern Finnish, Latvian and other composers from different countries in the sound of the deep voices of women will tell the story of people’s thoughts, self-realization and the search for the purpose of life.
As for where we invest our time and what are our life priorities – starting from April 9th at the Valmiera castle ruins the lights installation “Acumirklis” („Moment”) will help you find out more. The sandglass will count time next to centuries old walls, putting moment and the length of life on opposite sides.
From April 1st until May 1st Valmiera will host the Art days, uniting creative events under the theme “Soļi. Pilsēta. Es” („Steps. City. Me”). The full programme is available the Valmiera city web page, section “Kultūra” and
The Arts of Valmiera are supported by the media web page “Valmieras Ziņas”.
The presence of art is everywhere. It speaks to the city and you, invites to discover and move forward. Create a new beginning, direction and inspiration.
Taking photos and videos is allowed during the event. Photos and videos may be used for publicity purposes by the Valmiera city municipality.
Information prepared by:
Zane Bulmeistare
Valmiera city municipality
Deputy head of the branding and public relations
Phone: +371 26443410