Have a place for a walk in the upcoming Valmiera region!

Nature recharges, awakens, balances, and is accessible to everyone! Going to nature becomes especially important at a time when we are striving to restore our well-being and replenish energy stores. In order to inspire new, lesser-known and scenic nature trails and walking places in northern Vidzeme, the Valmiera Tourism Information Center in cooperation with tourism specialists from Beverīna, Burtnieki, Kocēni, Mazsalaca, Naukšēni, Rūjiena and Strenči municipalities has gathered ideas on where to go and get nature energy in the upcoming Valmiera region! All that’s left to do is dress up, bring a snack with you and indulge in an adventure in nature! Trails are divided into up to 5 km, up to 15 km and up to 30 km.
Oleru swamp trails (1 km) ** leads in a circle through the forest to the observation tower on the side of the swamp, from which opens a moss bog, which has formed in place of a poorly cared for lake. The Oleru manor complex is also close to the trail. To get to the trail, you have to go on the road P17, in the section Rencēni – Rūjiena turning to Oleri manor.
Ķoņu hill trail (1.4 km) ** will surprise both the youngest and all other interested people with a stone cognitive trail, an ambitious swing, a Wind chariot, the Dieviņkrēsls and a fabulous view of the Ķoņi landscape. Did you know that Ķoņu hill is the largest drumlin in Latvia and it has a legend about it together with lake Burtnieks? The beginning of the trail - at Ķoņi hill in Naukšēni region.
The river Rūja floodplain trail (1.5 km) * with its natural versatility enchants in any season. There is a viewing platform in the section of the circular trail, from which the landscape of the Rūja River opens up. To reach the trail, go along the highway A3 / P17 – Inčukalns – Valmiera – Rūjiena.

Zilaiskalns hill (2 km) * is a symbol of folk freedom and love, and it is always shrouded in various stories and legends. A new viewing platform has recently been created at the top of the hill.

Vīsrags Nature Trail (2.7 km) * leads through the picturesque Burtnieki manor park. Along the way you can learn about the history of the park, get acquainted with the diversity of nature and animals found here and climb the bird-watching tower at the end of the trail. The beginning of the trail - at the Silver gate of Burtnieki manor park.
Sietiņiezis rock (3 km) ** known to most as the largest white sandstone "giant" in the Baltics, leads along a landscaped path. If you bring with you sandwiches and sausages to grill, then picnic places on the bank of the Gauja will be the right place to take a breath. Take the opportunity to go on a longer hike Valmiera – Sietiņiezis – Valmiera along the snowy forest trails. The route is also available for cyclists in the summer and is marked accordingly.
Kābele castle mound trail (3 km) ** the forest is surrounded by a trail, which opens for viewing several cultural monuments in the territory of the manor complex. The ancient Latvian castle mound is located on the banks of the Rūja river. A fireplace is available. The beginning of the trail - at Naukšēni manor.
Route with the photo-exposition “Two centuries from a single angle” (4 km) ** leads along Strenči and Gaujmala and allows you to look into the photo material of the 20th century photographer from Strenči - Dāvis Spunde. The photos are arranged so that the same landscape can be viewed today and compared to how it has changed over time. Start of the route at Strenči municipality tourism information center (Strenči, Rīgas Street 7).

For adventure spirit seekers (up to 15 km)

Trails at the Leisure park in Valmiera (2.4–9 km) * will be especially suitable for both short walks, visiting Valmiera, if you want to take a few steps from the city center to get to the peace of nature, and longer walks, following one of the different colored markings on the trees. In the Leisure park, crossroads are intertwined paths surrounded by forest, allowing everyone to discover the everchanging banks of the Gauja. They take you along the Kazu rapids, Vanšu bridge, Valmiera open-air stage and the Steep banks of the river Gauja. You can get to the Leisure park by taking a walk from Valmiera's Old Town or the Gauja Steep bank Park of Senses, where there is a large information map with a network of trails.
Dauģēnu trail (9 km) ** will reveal red mid-Devonian sandstone outcrops, set-aside meadows and streams. One end of the trail can be reached from Mazsalaca by walking through Skaņākalns park to Skaņākalns (creating a route of about 12 km in total). The other end can be reached by driving on the road Mazsalaca – Ramata, crossing the river Ramata, turning left and following the signs “Dauģēnu trail”.
The River Gauja Nature Trail in Strenči (2, 7 or 10 km) ** consists of routes of different lengths, thus giving everyone the opportunity to choose themselves, how long of a walk to take. The first 2 km of the total length of the trail leads through the town of Strenči. It will be especially interesting for children, because along the way you can see wooden sculptures made in honor of the Gauja raftsmen. Fans of the long stretches will see typical landscape elements of the Vecupe, such as flooded islands, an old fragment of a paved road and Strenči rapids. There are rest areas on the trail with the possibility to light a fireplace. The beginning of the trail - at Strenči rapids.
Jēču windmill trail (2.7, 7.3 and 7.6 km) ** leads through fields, forests and pastures - in quiet and wild places. Along the way, there are unusual natural and cultural history formations - Jēči bowl stone, Pugu stone piles, Garais kalns, Kraujiņi giant stone, moss bog, big trees, as well as wild horses and heck cattle. The beginning of the circular trail is at the Jēči windmill.
Routes in the nature reserve “Sedas swamp” (4.1, 4.5 and 11 km) ** made up of several sections that can be crossed separately (Jērcēni and Seda side circles) or combined by going on a longer hike (11 km). In the nature reserve, which is an almost uninhabited area, a peculiar cultural landscape has formed as a result of peat extraction, consisting of peat extraction fields, bog ponds and a narrow-gauge railway, which is used for peat extraction purposes.
Skaņākalna Nature Park in Mazsalaca (6 km) * is undoubtedly the pearl of the Salaca valley, which delights with a number of sandstone outcrops and caves. The park also has wooden sculptures and a variety of activities.
Abuls Nature Trail (11 km) ** leads through the forests, plains and also manor buildings on the left bank of the Abula. From Brenguļi along the Abula river itself, you can go to the mouth of the river Gauja, thus exploring the riversity of it’s banks. The beginning of the trail - in Brenguļi, near the "Melderi" house, opposite the brewery.
Route “Among four bridges in Valmiera” (12 km) ** curls along the most beautiful ornament in Valmiera – the river Gauja, crossing or passing four Valmiera bridges - Vanšu bridge, main bridge over Gauja, Dzelzs bridge and the bypass bridge. The route can be guided by the white and blue color combination, which is displayed in a rectangular shape. The route starts at the Valmiera Music School.

For lovers of long hikes  (up to 30 km)

Route Valmiera – Sīmanēni Holy Oak – Valmiera (20 km) ** is a circular route leading through scenic forests and along the banks of the river Gauja. The main attraction of the route is the Sīmanēni sacred oak. Although over the years it has suffered and been devastated by storms, part of the sacred oak is still visible. The beginning of the trail is in Valmiera, near the Gauja Steep bank Park of Senses.
Due to large floods, the route is not feasible - there is no possibility to cross Abuls River over the footbridge.
Route “Cinema pedal half-pedal” (25 km), which symbolizes the annual cycling and film festival, leads through the landscapes of Valmiera and Beverīna region, the view opens the place where Abuls flows into the river Gauja. There is a special footbridge to cross Abula and the Love trail invites. The route marking is in the form of a triangle with a white outer edge and a green inside, where the apex of the triangle indicates the direction in which to go. The route starts at Valmiera Music School.

The upcoming Valmiera region is also proud of the network of the route "Green Railway", which serves not only as a hiking or cycling trail, but also for skiing in the snowy winter months. More about the route sections here. We also invite you to go on the "Mežtaka" and "St. James way" routes, the sections of which also take you through the territories of of the soon to be Valmiera region.

* The trail is suitable for people with reduced mobility and visitors with prams.

** The trail is not suitable for people with reduced mobility and visitors with prams.

We encourage you to be responsible, respecting the restrictions set by the country and protecting your own and others' health!