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Strenči - Valmiera (25 km)
One of the classic paddling routes along the Gauja River. Behind the railway bridge begins exciting river section - Strenči rapids, which continues until Krāčupe estuary. Further the river banks become higher and more picturesque. Behind the Mellupe estuary on the right bank is Sīmanēni Holy Oak, where it is possible to get the strength for further paddling. Closer to Valmiera the river has more sandbanks. The end of the route the in Daliņi is recommended for paddlers who are afraid to go through Kazu rapids in Valmiera, but if you have the skills for getting through rapids and you want to enjoy sharper feelings – surely go futher up to the boat station in Valmiera. More infor here.
Valmiera - Cēsis (44 km)
The two-day leisure paddling route with enjoyment of attractiveness of the Gauja National Park landscape under accompaniment of calm flow of the river. On the banks of the river - Liepa rock, Sietiniezis rock, Ērgļi cliffs, and a little bit farther from the bank - Grīviņi rock and Līči – Laņģi cliffs. More infor here.
Valmiera - Sigulda (84 km)
Several days route through the Gauja National Park, Gauja ancient valley, which includes the most beautiful rocks, rocky outcrops, caves. It is possible to stop and step on Sietiņiezis rock, Ērgļi cliffs or another place with nice views, to walk along Cīrulīši or Līgatne nature trail, and finally to enjoy the natural splendour of the surroundings of Sigulda. For nature lovers it is better to choose the route in spring or autumn when there are less paddlers on the river. More infor here.


Abuls is a tributary of the left bank of the Gauja. The river is navigable all season from Kaģu bridge in Trikāta. The river is suitable for one-day active or two-day recreational boating. Boating on the Abula can also be started from Lisa through the lakes on the outskirts of Trikāta and further along the Abula to the Gauja. More infor here.