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Adventurous corporate events in Concerthall "Valmiera"
Adventurous corporate events in Concerthall "Valmiera"
Adventurous corporate events in Concerthall "Valmiera"
Adventurous corporate events in Concerthall "Valmiera"
Adventurous corporate events in Concerthall "Valmiera"

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Adventurous corporate events in Concerthall "Valmiera"

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Together with "Eži Events" we offer opportunities to unite company collectives, groups of companions or teams of friends:
United IN THE DARKNESS and a tour through the flavours of the restaurant "Vecpuisis"
If you and your friends, colleagues like to make use of the grey cells, challenge yourself in still unprecedented ways and from time to time burst adrenaline, then the team building event/ escape adventure IN THE DARKNESS will serve the purpose! What to be ready for? Be ready to train your night vision, run far away leaving behind your comfort zone, surprise your teammates and get incredible satisfaction, when the tasks are completed and the solution is in hand. Thinking, pleasant excitement and sight training in the darkness stimulates appetite, so after the tasks are completed you can enjoy the specialties, characteristic only to the restaurant “Vecpuisis”, in the sweet glaze of satisfaction.

Pizza "How you work, so it will taste" team event
A creative and joyful event for small business teams (up to 30 people) on the patio of the concert hall. Under the guidance of an attractive pizza master, following special instructions, the team together is cooking round in circles. Each participant must fulfil their task, and no task is of minor importance for generating a combined taste of the pizza. Before and after the pizza's magic, the Active Leisure Centre “Eži Events” will challenge the group in amusing activities on the concert hall's terrace or patio.

Event "Follow traces of the Bachelors’ legend" and a gourmet dinner
Eight bachelors, who founded Valmiera’s “Vecpuišu parks” (transl. “Bachelors’ Park”), are not mystical characters - they were real people, who, on a daily basis, traced the same paths as Valmiera’s inhabitants and guests of the town take today. Smart brain games and puzzles, a wide range of emotions and a huge satisfaction, which is definitely experienced by anyone, who, with the quickness of their body and wit, is able to neutralize the Loop Pool time bomb at the scheduled time. A delicious dinner in the restaurant “Vecpuisis” follows the abundant with adventures team event. Delicious and with a task. What task? Only eight bachelors know it.

A concert/ show (with an artist of choice), an entertainer with entertainment program and festive dinner
For corporate teams that appreciate culture and music we will arrange a real artistic experience in the concert hall "Valmiera". Say what you want and it will be organized as wished. We make arrangements for an artist, entertainer, decorations, delicious snacks and dinner. You make a wish list and bring guests. The price depends on the chosen program.
Murder Mystery dinner
The so popular elsewhere “Murder Mystery dinner party” will immediately grab your heart here as the secret dinner will be held in the restaurant “Vecpuisis”. How is it going to take place? Each guest receives a detailed description in the invitation, as well as basic information about the party. It serves as an explanation of how the events of the evening will unfold. Guests arrive at the party dressed as specified, behaving and acting as requested in the description of the invitation received. THEN THERE TAKES PLACE A MURDER!!! After this unfortunate event the investigator sets to work, tells about any further developments and questions the audience, at the same time maintaining tension. With the help of the investigator the dinner guests consider evidence before they solve the murder and find the guilty person. The event is great for private companies or small business groups appreciating delicious food, interesting conversations and thrilling challenges.
Activities can be organized both within the framework of some corporate event and as a separate event throughout the day.
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