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127 m high Zilaiskalns is an ancient holy site, a medieval cemetery and a nature reserve. In places as such one can gather earth’s energy, develop new ideas and get inspiration for new endeavours. By the entrance the ancient sacrificial stone has been placed. Informative stands and benches available.

According to tales and stories, many magicians and charmers have lived here. It was not so long ago when the famous healer Zilakalna Marta (Marta Racene) lived there. Not loved by the Soviet power, in 1992 she moved to Rauna, but people still used to call her Zilakalna Marta.

The origin of the name of the hill is connected with the root of the word "zils" - translated from Latvian - to tell fortune, or "sila" in Russian - power. "Zils" also means "blue", because there is a blue haze around the hill from the local marshes, but it may have had less influence on the name of the hill.

Zilaiskalns is a symbol, an archetype and the spiritual personification of Latvian nation which is used by Garlibs Merķelis in his work "Vanems Imanta" and Andrejs Pumpurs has mentioned Zilaiskalns as a burial place for Liiv leader Imanta

The Earth energy researcher Totis (Janis Neibergs) has found that Zilaiskalns is a very powerful sacred place. He believes that such energy sources are usually located on the crossing of at least two underground streams of fire, but Zilaiskalns is a place where four such underground streams are crossing. People have made 14 energy circles and one fire circle around the crossing point. The centre of this powerful place is the top of Zilaiskalns with the most powerful stream of energy. There is a sacred stone at the entrance (90 cm long, 60 cm wide). The stone has an artificially made cavity - 42 x 31 cm and 11 cm deep. Zilaiskalns has been the source of energy and inspiration for many Latvian literature workers: Auseklis, Rainis,Karlis Skalbe, Janis Akuraters, Marta Grimma, Skaidrite Kaldupe, Pavils Rozitis, Mara Zalite, Valdis Ruja.

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