Valmiera. Ingenious walk with the tasks

Visit the sights of Valmiera, which show both the history of the formation of Valmiera and its development nowadays. Find out the missing words and write them in the answers’ fields. Each letter corresponds to a certain number that will help you to get the right clue.

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  Thematic routes in Valmiera





The Half-pedal route (~25km) of the bicycle and cinema festival "Kinopedālis"

Route description: The scenic route of the bicycle and cinema festival’s “Kinopedālis” 2019 Puspedāļa route for nearly 25 kilometres leads along the landscapes of Valmiera and Beverīna counties. The route is circular and it is designed in the direction from Valmiera Tourism information center (Rīgas street 10) along Gaujmala through the Pauka pines, reaching a loving place where Abuls river flows into the river Gauja. During the trip, it will also be possible to cross the footbridge across the Abula river, so it is recommended to take the route in the period from April to October. From late autumn to early spring, the footbridge over the Abula river is removed. Then the route leads along forest paths to the recreation center "Baiļi", and returns to Valmiera.

Route: Valmiera - Pauku pines - footbridge over Abula - Brenguļi – recreation center "Baiļi" - Valmiera.

GPX file download: https://ej.uz/puspedalis

Route “Green Valmiera”

A route that lets you discover Valmiera nature values, suitable for walkers and cyclists, who want to get to know Valmiera from a different perspective.
It is possible to perform a longer route stage from Jāņa Daliņa Stadium along Dīvaliņa Street, Tērbatas Street and Nameja alley can be continued until Valmiermuiža Manor Park and Valmiermuiža Brewery (+ 3 km in both directions).

Bicycle route “Zaļais Dzelzceļš” (“Green Railways”). Stage: Valmiera-Dikļi (~31 km)

Route description: The route can be started form the Valmiera railway station, where the train route Rīga – Valga goes through. The route takes you through the old narrow gauge railway line “Valmiera-Ainaži”, through the countryside, forests, and specially created bridges, that go over the rivers. Occasionally the rout goes through asphalt and gravel roads, created with the purpose to connect roads of the route. The stages and connection points of the Green Railroad are marked in nature. In Valmiera these marks are blue Green Railways bicycle route signs, while in Kocēni county the route can be continued, following the bicycle direction signs with the number 14.
The route can be continued up until Ainaži. The full length of it is 85 km.
Information boards are installed along the route, to introduce you to the history of the railway and the attractions near the route.
Full map of the route Valmiera - Ainaži available here: https://greenrailways.eu/ainazi-valmiera-greenway-map
Green Railways bicycle route Valmiera-Dikļi (Dikļi palace) GPX file download: https://ej.uz/valmiera_dikli

Self-guided tour

The Ancient Knight path

Amazingly picturesque circular route from Valmiera to Sietiņiezis passing through Vaidava and Kocēni is suitable for pedestrians and cyclists. In the past, it has been referred to as a part of the Gauja corridor area of the Livonian Order. This route is also known and mentioned in the Livonian Chronicle of Henry as the Ancient Knight path that connected the ancient Hanseatic cities – Wolmar (Valmiera) and Wenden (Cesis).

Descriprion of the route HERE (730.50 KB)

Contacts and information: +371 26332213, [email protected]

GPX fail: http://ej.uz/120gpx



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Nr. 125 Route around Valmiera and Brenguļi (~​42km)

Route description: To climb up the Pekas hill and try to guess, if really this is the place where once the legendary Beverīna castle stood. Also you are invited to see, how people live in Mūrmuiža. All that comes together with pine-rich forests along the Gauja River, picturesque landscapes and fresh air of the Latvian countryside. Enjoy!
Suggested time of year:  April - October
Approximate time: 3–6 h
Type of bicycle: trekking bicycle, which is suitable for gravel roads
Level of difficulty: medium with some difficult parts, especially forest tracks, which can be sandy
Road surface: asphalt, sand, gravel, forest tracks
Start and Finish: Valmiera Tourist Information Centre
Route: Valmiera – Mūrmuiža – Cempi – Brenguļi – Valmiera
Good to know! Bypassing houses, beware of dogs which might be off the leash

GPX: http://ej.uz/125gpx

Alternative route:


Nr. 127 Around the Burtnieki Lake (~​70km)

Route description: This route will lead you through picturesque landscapes and along the way you will see great variety of nature wonders. You will have an opportunity to come across rare and protected species of plants and animals, especially some species of birds. Several parts of the route are the same as already marked regional route No. 17 and local route No. 112
Suggested time of year: May – October
Approximate time: one or two days
Type of bicycle: trekking bicycle, which is suitable for gravel roads and forest tracks.
Level of difficulty: medium/difficult; be cautious when cycling along the highway P16
Road surface: asphalt, gravel, forest tracks
Start and Finish: Burtnieki rural territory council
Route: Burtnieki – Dūre – Silzemnieki – Košķele – Vecate – Bauņi – Matīši – Burtnieki
Good to know! Bypassing houses, beware of dogs which might be off the leash