Valmiera Castle cultural environment center is being built


Simultaneously with the ongoing wall restoration, reconstruction of the pharmacy building ensemble and construction of the new Valmiera Castle cultural environment center building, the historians of the Museum of Valmiera, in cooperation with the authors of the exposition design project SIA “H2E” and municipal specialists, are creating the exposition of the future Valmiera Castle cultural environment center.

In the new exposition, Valmiera residents and city guests will be introduced to the history of Valmiera from the 13th century, when the construction of the castle began at the mouth of the Rātsupīte in Gauja, until the end of the 18th century, when Valmiera gained the status of a county town. The new Valmiera Castle cultural environment center will complement the existing exposition of the Museum of Valmiera.

Historian Dāvis Pumpuriņš from the Museum of Valmera:
“Excavations in recent years under the leadership of archaeologists dr. hist. Tatjana Berga and dr. hist. Rūdolfs Brūža, that took place in the territory of castle ruins, allowed to get nearer to the oldest time - the moment of construction of the castle. Archaeologists have found historical evidence of the castle's origins, revealing layers of earth one by one. For example, the jewelry confirms that the ancient Latgalians also took part in the construction of the castle of the German Order.” Several finds will be placed in the showcases of the new exposition alongside other objects from the collection of the Museum of Valmiera and will be accessible to visitors.

“The fact that the history of Valmiera is also intertwined with the past of other countries and cities is well visible when looking for documents related to the history of the city. They can be found in the archives of Germany, Sweden, Poland, Estonia and other countries. The oldest known coat of arms of the city from 1381 is also kept in the archives of the city of Lübeck in Germany. The location of the document is not accidental, because Lübeck was the leading Hanseatic city, with which Valmiera also had cooperation during the Hanseatic times,” Dāvis Pumpuriņš reveals the facts about the history of Valmiera. A copy of this document and stamps is also planned to be exhibited.

Valmiera Castle  existed for 300 years without major shocks. In the Livonian landscape in the 13th century, a stone castle was a new phenomenon, but from a simple fortification it developed into a complex of fortifications. During the Crusades, the castle was the center of control of the conquered lands and the security of the immigrants, demonstrating political and military power. Trade took place around the castle, crafts developed, from which the city of Valmiera later grew.

Covering archeological and documentary material, the latest discoveries and known facts about the history of the castle, the inhabitants, the Hanseatic League and many other topics in the Valmiera castle exposition will invite you to learn fascinating and informative stories about the history of Valmiera.

According to the procurement results, the implementation of the Valmiera Castle cultural environment center exposition design project is implemented by the general partnership “HRDTG”. The construction of the Valmiera Castle cultural environment center is being implemented under the priority axis “Environmental Protection and Resource Efficiency” of the European Union Fund Operational Program “Growth and Employment”. 5.5.1. within the framework of the project “Culture, history, architecture in the Gauja and time circles” and “Development of Valmiera Historical Center” of the specific support objective “Preserve, protect and develop significant cultural and natural heritage, as well as develop related services”. The project “Culture, History, Architecture in the Gauja and time circles” includes the conservation of the exposed northern walls of Valmiera Castle and the basements of the bases of the NW part, the construction of the new Valmiera Castle cultural environment center, and the creation of the castle environment and virtual exposition. The project envisages financing from the European Regional Development Fund in the amount of 1,032,900 EUR, with additional investment from the state of 38,823.53 EUR and co-financing from the municipality of 155,294.12 EUR. The project “Development of the Valmiera historical center” envisages reconstruction, renovation and restoration of the building ensemble of Valmiera old pharmacy and related infrastructure, creation of an exposition and virtual exposition of the old pharmacy complex, as well as reconstruction of the Ziloņu street. It is also planned to receive co-financing from the European Regional Development Fund of up to EUR 2,000,000.00 and a state budget grant of up to EUR 70,588.24 for the implementation of this project.


Information prepared by:
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