Valmiera joins the world’s biggest photo project

INSIDE OUT is the world’s biggest and all-encompassing people’s photo project, the goal of which is to change the world. From Ecuador to Nepal, from San Francisco to Palestine, and even the Arctic: people from all over the planet join the project to share their photographic portraits and stories, becoming a publicly exhibited work of art. Valmiera becomes part of this socially important and inclusive project. Large photo portraits will be set up in a special location somewhere in the town. What these will show is up to the citizens, because everyone will be able to become a work of art.
On the world map, Valmiera’s project will be marked with the motto ‘Notice Us!’. It will be a unique opportunity for us to present Latvia, its culture and people. This is evidence that anyone can play a significant role in artistic events. Anyone can change the environment in which they live. Putting Valmiera and the forthcoming Valmiera Municipality on the world map, we will share our joy, our achievements, our pain, our problems, solutions and opportunities with the other countries participating in the project.
The large-format portraits will be set up in a place in Valmiera: 45 metres tall, this structure has never hosted a photo exhibition, and has only served a utilitarian purpose; the town’s residents have probably never even imagined it as a cultural space. This is the smokestack of Valmiera’s old boiler house at Rīgas iela 25. Once the project is over, the boiler house is to be converted into an art space. It will become a place for modern art, self-expression and interaction with the global art movement.
Mountain-climbers, project managers, pre-schoolers, retired construction supervisors: everyone is welcome to join the project! The portraits will function as a symbol for freedom and peaceful coexistence, for positive change, and for having the courage to be noticed.
A photo van for taking the pictures will be parked at different locations in Valmiera Municipality between 15 and 19 March. For more information about the van’s stops and schedule, see Valmiera’s website at, The exhibition will be set up in late April, and will be visible to anyone looking up at the top of the smoke stack.
The implementation of the INSIDE OUT project in Valmiera will become one of the most significant events on the path of Valmiera and the forthcoming Valmiera Municipality towards becoming a European Capital of Culture in 2027. The project aligns with the goals of the European Capital of Culture event in protecting and promoting cultural diversity in Europe, emphasising meeting points, encouraging local residents to feel more included in the shared cultural space, and to create contributions to the long-term development of the cities.
Every INSIDE OUT initiative is documented and can be viewed on the interactive map available at People who participate in the photo project will join more than 260,000 others in 129 who publicly shared their portraits to raise awareness about intolerance, racism, climate change, and to promote integration and democratic values.
For more information about the project, see