Tourism in Valmiera blooms

At a time when the tourism industry is slowly starting to recover and Valmiera tourism companies have already resumed their operations, the flow of travelers is also felt in the city. Following the initiative by the LIAA tourism campaign “Atklāj Latviju droši” (“Discover Latvia safely”) and the campaign of the Vidzeme planning region “#Atklāj Vidzemi droši” (“Discover Vidzeme safely”), we also invite travelers to visit Valmiera, loving its offer and feeling the hospitality in every place.
During this period, the interest of domestic tourists is especially felt, because a resident of Riga or Kurzeme who visits the Valmiera Tourism information center (TIC) to ask where to enjoy a delicious meal, where the new, this spring-marked cycling route from Valmiera to Brenguļi begins is a frequent visitor. Valmiera TIC also can confirm the interest of our closest neighbors, Estonians, every day, both by meeting them in person and by looking at the views and interest of the Estonian audience on the homepage and on the website Facebook/visitvalmiera. Comparing the number of website views in the cross-section of the Estonian audience, a sharp upward strend has been observed in recent weeks. If in April, when there were unpleasant, paralyzing feelings in almost all sectors, the decline in website traffic was sharp, then it was 9 times higher than in April, and in June, compared to May, the number of views from Estonian respondents increased by another 90%.
Valmiera tourism entrepreneurs, sharing observations, also add that the recovery of the flow of travelers is noticeable. When the borders of the Baltic states were re-opened to travelers after May 15, the next day there were many cars with Estonian number plates in the city. Although the opening of tourist offers, cafes and restaurants was gradual and cautious, the flow of travelers to tourist attractions increased in a similar way - gradually but steadily.
This year, compared to previous years, the flow of tourists from Lithuania and Finland is more noticeable, which is quite logically justified by the activity of travelers in the Baltic Sea region, getting to know the tourism offer in their neighboring countries and visiting places that have been less known. For example, the south-western part of Latvia is very well known to Lithuanians, so this year is an especially good chance to go further and get to know the further regions of Latvia, often choosing Valmiera as the destination. A similar trend can be observed on the Estonian side, when guests plan to travel to Latvia for a longer period of time, going further to the capital city and Kurzeme.
There is a spirit of new discovery in this tourism season! Travelers are looking for adventures, recreation in nature, so we are especially pleased to offer guests several marked walking and cycling routes in Valmiera, themed walks with ingenious tasks along the way, we invite you to visit home-made products fairs in the Hansa market houses in the center of Valmiera, as well as “slow food” fairs from the Valmiermuiža home producers and farmers.
As always, leisure offers for families are also popular. One of the biggest attractions in Valmiera and the surrounding area for family audiences is the Gauja river Steep Bank Park of Senses with four cable runs across the Gauja and this season's addition - the net cube, labyrinths of Beverīna wooden sculptures, a trip in the Gauja river tram, a visit to the fantasy land "Neonija", recreational park "Avoti", walking and nature trails in Gauja National park, holiday recreation opportunities in campsites by bodies of water in the surrounding counties - Beverīna, Burtnieki and Kocēni. The Valmiera swimming pool has also recently resumed its activities, inviting you to enjoy the pleasures of water in the recreation area, as well as choosing one of the special holiday offer packages.
In the mood of pre-Midsummer, the first tourism innovation hackathon was held in Valmiera, where many interesting and creative ideas for the development of Valmiera tourism were born. We very much hope to bring some of them to life within this tourist season.
We invite you to experience Valmiera, choosing it as your holiday destination!
Information prepared by:
Anita Tīlena
Head of Valmiera TIC,
Valmiera city municipality
Mob. phone.: 25664420