New Apartments opened

In order for the concert hall “Valmiera” and the restaurant “Vecpuisis” complex in Vecpuišu park to be complete and to expand the possibilities of accommodation in Vidzeme, the Vecpuišu park apartments “Valmiera” will start active guest reception in July.
The Valmiera Vecpuišu park apartments have been built with the financing of “Citadele” bank, purchasing and renovating an apartment building built at the beginning of the 20th century on Leona Paegles street. Reconstruction of the building started at the beginning of last year and was completed, respecting the original heritage and combining history with modern possibilities. Seven apartments of different sizes, two of which are duplex, can accommodate around 30 guests. The apartments are available for both short and long term rentals.
Michael Bryce, developer and owner of the conference and cultural event complex "Valmiera": “The idea of ​​a complex did not come up immediately. Initially, we created a concert hall and restored the current premises of the restaurant "Vecpuisis", which we opened in 2016. Over time, our guests became more and more interested in accommodation options after concerts and events. With the creation of the apartments, this three-building complex in the historic Vecpuišu Park can be called a conference and cultural event complex. In creating it, it was important for us to preserve the cultural and historical heritage, to highlight and preserve the original values, ideas and traditions.
Vecpuišu park has long been a place where culture and art meet in Valmiera. When it was bought in 1914 by eight well-known bachelors in Valmiera, their goal was to create a place where everyone would have free access to a park with a pavilion where they could enjoy art and culture. These values ​​have also been preserved in the concert hall, restaurant and newly built apartments.
 „The project has been implemented at a difficult time - its implementation with “Citadele” bank funding started a year ago and the global pandemic had a slight effect on the completion of the project. In the cultural, tourism and hospitality sectors, the situation is particularly difficult and adaptation to the new reality is limited due to the importance of presence. These are industries that give us positive emotions, satisfaction, inspiration, new impressions and adventures even in difficult periods, so we especially encourage people to replace the planned foreign trips this summer with a tour around Latvia, supporting and promoting the development of culture and tourism in Latvia,“ invites Maris Pietkēvičs, the manager of “Citadele” bank branch in Valmiera.
The current situation and the restrictions that are still in place clearly affect travel opportunities and plans, but the activity of tourists from local and neighboring countries, according to the implementers of VP apartments "Valmiera", creates a positive atmosphere. The most active month of summer work - August - is yet to come, so all those interested are welcome to plan their visit to the Vecpuišu park in time.