A new tourism route in Valmiera - A hike between four bridges

Valmiera's most beautiful gem, the river Gauja, paints the city with its flow, just like an artist's brush. In some places, its banks with the rapid flow of the river are intertwined in an intense color palette, elsewhere in the calm "painting" of nature, other shades of color can be felt. Everything in one place - between four bridges over the Gauja. The Valmiera Tourism information center has marked a new 12-kilometer-long hiking trail that leads along both banks of the river Gauja.
The route is circular, and it is designed in the direction from the boat dock in Valmiera (Pilskalna street 1) along the Kazu rapids, across the Vanšu bridge to the main bridge over the Gauja. The scenic route continues along the left bank of the Gauja, which until now has been a less explored and unfamiliar territory for travelers. Crossing the bypass bridge, the route continues along the other, the right bank of the Gauja, along the Dzelzs bridge to the end point of the route - the boat dock.
The route can be guided by the white and blue color combination, which is displayed in a rectangular shape. It is painted in an environmentally friendly way on wood, as well as with stickers on poles. The road surface of the hiking route varies - forest and gravel roads, as well as asphalt.
We also encourage you to use your smart devices by downloading the route GPX file to follow the walking route navigation. The route GPX file can be downloaded here.
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Information prepared by:
Zane Krūmiņa
Head of tourism projects
at the Valmiera Tourism  information center
Valmiera city municipality
Phone: 25437177