!!! From April 2, 2024, construction works are planned on the bypass bridge. During construction the bridge will be closed in certain periods.

The 25 km long circular route begins and ends in the center of Valmiera. It leads along scenic city and forest trails that wind through the place of love, where the Abuls flows into the river Gauja. Then the route leads to Brenguļi, where in the summer season you can taste local beer and snacks at the Brenguļi garden. At the Kalīte spring, which is opposite, you can refill with clear water to take away. The route along gravel and forest roads leads back to Valmiera, but on the way you will see the house where the Olympic champion Jānis Daliņš once lived.

This is the same route used in the well-known bicycle and cinema festival Kino pedālis back in 2019.

Road surface: forest trails, gravel roads, asphalt.

Route marking: in the form of a triangle with a white outer edge and a green inside, where the apex of the triangle indicates the direction in which to go.

Difficulty: Moderately difficult

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