Valmiera Restaurant Week

As the sun’s rays warm warmer and brighter, the face blossoms into a smile and just craves for the brightness of spring not only in everyday life, but also on the plate. From April 7th until the 16th – during the Valmiera Restaurant Week – locals and guests of the town will be delighted with a well-researched, vitamin-rich menu of spring flavors across seven restaurants and cafes in Valmiera.

The Valmiera Restaurant Week will start together with the Easter holidays, and during it you will be able to enjoy a springtime playful and masterfully artistic performance by the chefs, which will combine a diverse bouquet of flavors. Highlighting one selected spring flavor for each diner has become a common tradition during the Valmiera Restaurant Week. This spring, special emphasis will be placed on the flavors of chives, radishes, leeks, asparagus, Jerusalem artichokes, quail eggs and nettles. Visitors of the Restaurant Week will have a great opportunity to enjoy a three-course meal worth EUR 30 with a selection of matching drinks for an additional fee. In order to enjoy the special offers, it is necessary to make a reservation in advance.

            As an appetizer the chefs of the restaurant “Akustika” will highlight this vitamin-rich root – Jerusalem artichoke, meanwhile the main dish will enjoy an exquisite interplay of venison, leek and onion flavors, complemented by Timut pepper. For dessert the will be treated with verbena pepper cream combined with milk ice cream and fennel, white chocolate crunch. Each course will be complemented with two types of matching wines (18 EUR). The full menu is available here.

As always, the comfort of the family restaurant “Delizia”  will take special care of the well-being of even the smallest guests. The restaurant’s special spring flavor will be chives, which combined with spinach will taste rich in pancakes, complemented by sour cream and salmon tartar. For the main course, the chefs will treat with a delicious sturgeon fillet, complemented by cauliflower cream and carpaccio, kale, vinaigrette sauce and quail egg. The dessert – white chocolate, gelato and flowers will give the taste buds a sweet, gorgeous touch of spring. The meals will be served with matching wines from the winery “Matilde” (12 EUR). The restaurant will be close on April 10th. The full menu is available here.

            The green, rich in vitamins and minerals – nettle – will be highlighted in various ways in the restaurant “Rātes vārti”. As an appetizer, guests will be served puff pastry tart with goat’s milk cream, egg, green gremolata, nettles and birch sap syrup. Meanwhile, for the main course, guests will be able to choose between specially prepared lamb meat dumplings or Arctic pallia grown in Latvia. For dessert, a thin, crispy “Bird’s Nest” with raspberries, vanilla cream and sorbet will be served. Each course will feature matching wines (15 EUR). The full menu is available here.

            A special surprise of the gourmet week will be the reopening of the “Vecpuisis” restaurant, where young, enthusiastic owners are starting their work – Sanita and Jānis Siliņi. On April 7th, the restaurant’s doors will be open again, delighting gourmets with an exquisite menu. The restaurant’s special spring flavor is radish, which can be enjoyed in different variations as an appetizer or as a main dish. Guests will have a unique opportunity to choose between two menus. Gastronomic surprises are guaranteed when you choose the chef’s masterful preparation of beef fillet carpaccio and monkfish fillet, as well as juniper-smoked Faroese salmon and charcoal-grilled pork tenderloin. For dessert, guests will be served pollen marshmallow with rhubarb-mint ice cream and white asparagus in chocolate. Matching and springy gorgeous cocktails will be served with each course (17 EUR). The Restaurant Week offer will be valid on the weekends from April 7th to 9th and from April 13th to 16th. The full menu is available here.

            With a sunny spring menu, especially highlighting the product so suitable for Easter – quail eggs, guests will be delighted in the hotel “Wolmar” restaurant. As an appetizer, guests can enjoy the masterful taste of the asparagus duet combined with quail eggs, radishes and parsley parmesan. Meanwhile, the main course will offer a choice between trout fillet and spring chicken in an excellent carousel of flavors together with vegetable terrine, leek mosaic or broccolini and asparagus mousse. For dessert, guests will enjoy chocolate mousse with strawberry-champagne gel, green tea sponge cake and lemongrass sorbet. A spring cocktail and matching wines can be enjoyed on the matching drinks menu (13 EUR). From April 11th to the 14th, the offer is valid from 16:00 until 22:00. The full menu is available here.

            The cafe “Ahh – meat” will also make sure to provide a cosy and tasty taste adventure by offering beef tartar with sesame seeds, slow-cooked quarter of duck with leek croquettes, and for dessert, pampering with Belgian dark chocolate plum cake in bourbon-vanilla sauce. Matching Italian and French wines will be offered with each course (15 EUR). The full menu is available here.

            The chefs of the cafe “Tērbata” will highlight the crisp green king of spring – asparagus – in their menu. Guests will be offered an asparagus appetizer with a quail egg, while the main course will include asparagus in both variations of the black bun burger – with beef from the farm “Mazdzērvītes” or the vegetarian option with a beet patty. Pistachio and white chocolate cream with grilled nuts will be served for dessert. The matching drinks menu (12 EUR) will include a selection of alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails. The full menu is available here.         

See you on the Valmiera spring flavors trip! We can already announce that the Valmiera Autumn Restaurant Week will take place from November 10th to the 19th.

Information prepared by: Baiba Misiņa, Marketing specialist, Tourism Board of the Valmiera Region. Mob. phone: 25770028,

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