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BOLT electric scooter rental
BOLT electric scooter rental
BOLT electric scooter rental

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BOLT electric scooter rental

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Bolt scooters - safe, affordable and eco-friendly way to move!
Use Bolt scooters for your daily commute and to explore cities around the world - now Valmiera too.
To ride a Bolt scooter:
  • Download the Bolt app here
  • Find a scooter on the street or locate one using the map in your Bolt app.
  • Use the Bolt app to unlock the scooter and enjoy your ride!
Follow the traffic rules. Use bike lanes and wear a helmet to stay safe when riding. After the ride - park the scooter in the allowed zone and don't leave in the middle of pedestrian pathways!
Bolt app offers Safety Toolkit for beginners - reduce the maximum speed of the scooter and find useful tips.
Scooter unlock: 0.40€
Ride minute price: 0.15€/min
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