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Vaidava disk golf
Vaidava disk golf
Vaidava disk golf
Vaidava disk golf

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  • Valmiera municipality
  • Parka iela 20, Vaidava, Vaidavas pagasts
  • -
  • +371 28644530
  • GPS 57.4333142,25.2829422

Vaidava disk golf

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In recent years, disc golf as a form of active recreation has become popular in Latvia. It is an exciting and active game for the whole family, group of friends, work team, it can be played from childhood to old age. Playing disc golf does not require special physical training or special equipment.

Vaidava disc golf course is freely and free of charge available to those interested in daylight all year round, using the public area, the elements installed in it - baskets and individual, personal equipment - disc golf discs, etc. In order to use disc golf discs owned by Kocēni municipality, the use of Vaidava disc golf course must be applied for at least one day in advance, by e-mail [email protected] The use of golf discs belonging to the City Council is also free of charge at Vaidava.

Disk golf course in Vaidava recreation park has been established for the project "Relax actively on the beach of Vaidava lake!" within the framework of the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development under the sub-measure of the Latvian Rural Development Program 2014-2020 "Implementation of activities in accordance with the community-led local development strategy".

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