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Fruit farm “Rīvēni” (V,IX,X)
Fruit farm “Rīvēni” (V,IX,X)

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  • Valmiera municipality
  • "Rīvēni", Dikļu pagasts
  • -
  • +371 29284237
  • [email protected]
  • GPS 57.5811865,25.1087686

Fruit farm “Rīvēni” (V,IX,X)

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 “Rīvēni” is integrated fruit-growing household. The most beautiful views is in the Spring at the blossom time of apple trees, those moments are worth to capture in photos and keep with the most unforgettable memories. The most active time is Autumn when the basement is filled with healthy and sweet-smelling fruits. There you can see modern fruit-growing technique, taste apples and buy them in the household.

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