Atpiļi  Sacred Oak
Atpiļi  Sacred Oak
Atpiļi  Sacred Oak
Atpiļi  Sacred Oak

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  • Valmiera municipality
  • Trikātas pagasts
  • -
  • GPS 57.5606601,25.7281653

Atpiļi Sacred Oak

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The girth of Atpiļi oak is 8,1 metres. It is approximately 800 years old, an ancient cult site. 

Atpiļi Sacred Oak was already listed in the grand trees list of 1924.

Atpiļi Oak has been referred to as “sacred oak” since ancient times. Even as recently as in the 70-ies of the 19th century the elderly local community members used to bring offerings of coins, garters and other small items for Atpiļi Oak. The Sacred Oak is closely related to worshipping of brownies (elves said to help with household chores at night), which was very widespread in Northern Vidzeme. (Urtāns J. Latvijas senās svētnīcas. Rīga, 1993).

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