Baltic national parks tourism associations celebrate the European Day of Parks

Tourism associations of Gauja National Park in Latvia, Lahemaa National Park and Soomaa National Park in Estonia are celebrating the European Day of Parks by joint marketing activities and working on creation of new tourism products.

“Already last year, the tourism specialists of three national parks had a spark of ideas in their minds. Representatives of the tourism associations visited all three national parks and then the idea of joint cooperation was born,” describes Kristīne Luca, marketing and communication specialist of the Gauja National Park Tourism Association.

Gauja National Park is the oldest and largest national park in Latvia, located along the valley of the Gauja River, from which the park takes its name. The park is famous for its biological diversity and for being a great combination of incredible nature as well as historical and cultural sights. “In cooperation of three national parks, joint tourism products will be created, giving travelers the opportunity to visit three parks conveniently and quickly in a short period of time,” adds sales and marketing manager Elmaara-Aiga Timma.

Lahemaa National Park is the largest and oldest national park in Estonia. It is located on the northern coast of Estonia, with stony and sandy seashores, picturesque bogs, pine and cliff forests, rivers that cut into the limestone cliff as well as erratic rocks left over from the last Ice Age. “Our three national parks – Lahemaa, Gauja and Soomaa – are quite similar but at the same time also very different. It is worth visiting all three pearls of the Baltic countries” says Kaisa Linno, a local guide and a board member of the Lahemaa Tourism Association.

“Soomaa national park is younger and is still gaining popularity among visitors”, finds Aivar Ruukel, a local guide and a board member of Soomaa Tourism Association. “Our advantage is that we are located on the half way between Gauja and Lahemaa national parks.” Soomaa national park is best known for its “fifth season” when the water from melted snow or heavy rains floods all the lower forests, roads and even yards.


Gauja National Park Tourism Association – Kristīne Luca – [email protected] +37128658900

Lahemaa Tourism Association – Kaisa Linno – [email protected]  +3725239239

Soomaa Tourism Association – Aivar Ruukel – [email protected] +3725061896

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