Christmas festivities in the Valmiera region!

Gilded lights fall on hats, sleds, dog’s fur, track marks in the snow left by skis, Christmas tree branches. In them the hope wished as the star falls. Gilded lights make the white of winter different – a new brightness and a new beginning. We will be together at the Christmas celebrations in the Valmiera region!


December 3rd, 16.00, the Valmiera Culture Center will host the brass band’s “Signāls” concert “Mazu brīdi pirms”. Special guests – chamber choir “Kaķi”. Free entrance via receiving the pass at the Valmiera Culture Center box office.

December 3rd, 17.00, Christmas tree lighting festivities will take place in the square near the Valmiera Cultural Center. After the Christmas tree shines brightly, fairy-tale characters from the creative association “Pasaku nams” will delight the little ones and grown ups present with musical and active greetings.

Wonderful Christmas concerts will take place in Valmiera St. Sīmanis church: on December 5th at 18.00, the Valmiera Pārgauja primary school Christmas concert; December 9th, 14.00, the band’s “Triānas parks” Christmas concert “Es gaidu ziemu” (tickets – “Biļešu paradīze”); December 10th, 18.00, mixed choir “Valmiera” concert; December 17th, 20.00, Mārcis Auziņš and Jānis Lūsēns invite to the Christmas concert “Miers [bez vārdiem]” (tickets – “Biļešu paradīze”); December 22nd, 19.00, “Latvian Voices” concert “SNIEGums” (tickets – “Biļešu paradīze”).

December 6th, 18.30, the Valmiera Culture Center will host the “Laima” charity lodge creative workshop.

December 9th, 11.00–15.00, Christmas market will be held in the square near the Valmiera Culture Center. Traders will make sure that every visitor to the market has the opportunity to buy delicacies for their festive table and nice gifts for everyone.

We invite you to get into the Christmas spirit in the cultural space of the restaurant “Akustika”: December 9th, 18.00, Christmas concert by Sergejs Jēgers, entrance fee – 25 EUR; December 10th, 16.00, the concert “Ziemas dziesmas by the folk singer Anta Enģele; December 17th, 16.00, guests are welcome to the acoustic concert programme “Gaismā būt”, created by the talents of the Latvian jazz scene: jazz singer Santa Šillere, guitarist Jānis Pastars and double bass player Jānis Rubiks, performing the most beautiful Christmas melodies of all time, their own original compositions, as well as musical gems of Latvian composers in a new, never-before-heard sound (paid event); On Christmas eve, December 23rd, we invite you to Aija Vītoliņa’s concert, together with the virtuoso pianist Romans Vendiņš, the singer has prepared a warm concert program, including songs in the festive mood, as well as melodies from around the world and favorite works of Latvian composers. Tickets are available for purchase in the restaurant “Akustika” or the box office of “Biļešu paradīze”.

The cinema “Gaisma” will also be in the Christmas spirit. December 3rd, 15.00, guest can enjoy a beautiful concert “White Christmas” by Andre Rieus. December 21st, 18.00, a classic – a recording of the royal ballet “The Nutcracker”.

During December Saturdays and Sundays enjoy the festive atmosphere at the Gauja Steep Banks Park of Senses and meet the main ambassador of the celebration – Santa Claus! Guests are welcome to meet him on December 2nd, 3rd, 9th, 10th, 16th, 17th, 23rd and 26th, 16.00–20.00.

From December 12th until January 8th the Valmiera Culture Center will host the exhibition “Snieg…” of works by vocational education students of the Valmiera Art School.

December 19th, 19.00, concert “Ziemas Pasaka” by the National Armed Forces Orchestra will be played in the Valmiera Culture Center. Free entrance via receiving the pass at the Valmiera Culture Center box office.

December 22nd, 19.00, the Christmas concert of the chamber choir “Kaķi” will take place in the Valmiera Culture Center. Free entrance via receiving the pass at the Valmiera Culture Center box office.

Until January 25th, 2024, we invite you to visit the exhibition “Puzuri” at the Valmiera Museum Exhibition Hall.


December 1st, 12.30, we invite you to light the Christmas tree in the center of Dikļi.

December 17th, 18.00, “Ziemassvētku koncerts” will be played in the Dikļi Culture Center, performances by Sergejs Jēgers, concertmaster Ieva Šmite. Entrance fee – 10 EUR.


December 15th, 19.00, Christmas carol concert “Ir brīdis gaišumam” will take place in the Ēvele Town Hall.


December 10th, 19.00, Christmas tree lighting festival in Jercēni with fairy tale characters.


December 17th, 15.00, Kauguri Culture House winter sounds festival “Brīnums Ziemassvētkos”, performances by the children’s vocal ensembles.


December 2nd, 14.00, “Berga vīns” invites to the creative workshop “Cits adventes vainags un vīns”. More information and registration via phone 27711931. Entrance fee – 30 EUR. 

December 3rd, 14.00, the Kocēni Culture House will host the seniors’ mixed vocal ensemble “Dziesmotā Senatne” and friends’ Christmas-themed concert “Adventes gaismā”.

December 4th, 14.00, the Rubene library of the Kocēni parish invites to the event “Ieskandini Ziemassvētkus” in the Rubene school. We will get acquainted with local traditions of greeting Christmas.

December 7th, 18.00, the Christmas tree lighting festival will take place in Kocēni.

December 9th, 19.00, the Kocēni Culture House will host the concert “Ziemas skaņa”. Among participants will be the saxophone ensemble “Valmieras meitenes”, chamber choir “Kaķi”, vocal ensemble “Imera” and the musical band “Tepat”.

December 17th, 16.00, the Kocēni Culture House will host the third advent concert “Sijājas sniedziņš”. Performances by the duet “Mediante” and Renārs Veličko. Entrance fee: 5 EUR.


December 3rd, 15.00, Lode Parish Culture House will host the concert “Mūzika dvēselei…” by Inga  Karpiča, after the concert – lighting of the big Christmas tree in the courtyard of the culture house. 


December 16th, 13.00, Santa Claus and his friends invite the children of the parish and their families to the lighting of the parish’s big Christmas tree in the square of the center of Matīši.


On the Sunday of the first advent, December 3rd, in the courtyard of Mazsalaca Culture Center and Saieta Square the first advent market will take place from 11.00 to 16.00. At 14.00 – the Mazsalaca Culture Center will host the concert “Vajadzētu”, performances by Rīgas Projektu choir, the conductor Kristofers Volšs-Sinks. At 17.00, in the Mazsalaca Saieta Square – the White Bear and Santa Claus from the Carousel of Surprises will invite to the lighting of the town’s big Christmas tree.

From December 3rd in the windows of the Mazsalaca Culture Center – the exhibition “Ziemas dārzs” of the ceramic workshops of the Mazsalaca Crafts House, manager Linda Zelta, and the handicraft workshop, manager Laila Strada.

December 13th, 15.00, Mazsalaca town library will host the story  afternoon “Ziemassvētku un Jaunā gada sagaidīšanas tradīcijas agrāk un tagad” (Traditions of welcoming Christmas and New Year in the past and now”).

On December 25th, we invite you to Christmas in Mazsalaca. Experience peace, sincerity and warmth! There will be four special concerts in the Mazsalaca Cultural Center and the church, candlelit walks in the streets of Mazsalaca, and advent commemoration events. Peaceful, but gorgeous in terms of feelings – let’s get together by the fire to warm ourselves and sing songs together.


From December 5th until January 31st (2024) the environmental exhibition “Ziemas saulgrieži” will be held by the Naukšēnu Cilvēkmuzejs.

December 10th, 10.00, Naukšēnu Culture House will host the Christmas fair. All those who want to buy and sell are invited.


December 1st, 18.00, the lighting of the Christmas tree together with the Rūķi (gnomes) will take place in the Rūjiena center square.

December 9th, 16.00, Christmas music concert “Vai Tu dzirdi, vai jau mani?” with the brass band “Tālavas taurētājs”, conductor Gvido Brenčevs and Cēsis’ saxophone quartet will be held in the Rūjiena Culture Center.

December 17th, 10.00, Rūjiena Culture Center will host the Christmas market concerts. At 12.00 sports and ballroom dance club “Evita”, at 14.00 performances by Elza Rozentāle and Kaspars Zemītis. The Christmas atmosphere will be taken care by Rūķi.


December 8th, 18.00, The celebration of lighting the Christmas tree together with Santa Claus will take place in the town square of Seda.


December 7th, from 18.00, the Christmas gnome will be waiting for the children in Strenči town square – in the Hanseatic house, which will be changed into a gnome’s house.

December 7th, 19.00 – The Christmas tree lighting celebration will be held in Strenči town square – “Ziemassvētki Vēlmju mežā”.

December 10th, 16.00, the Strenči Culture Center will host a pre-Christmas concert.


December 21st, 17.00–20.00, the Vaidava Culture and Crafts Center will host the Christmas market.

December 27th, 18.00, the Vaidava Culture and Crafts Center will host the concert “Ziemas baltumā”. Performances by Inita Āboliņa – accordion, Normunds Ķietis – vocals, guitar. Entrance fee: 5 EUR.


December 16th, 18.00, A winter solstice concert and dance evening will be held in the Valmiermuiža beer guestroom under the leadership of the University of Latvia’s dance folklore ensemble “Dandari”. Entrance fee: 10 EUR

Information prepared by: Zane Bulmeistare, deputy head Valmiera region municipality. Branding and public relations department, phone: 26443410

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