The approximately 11 km long trail leads along the left bank of the Abula river, forests and manor houses. The circular route starts in the center of Brenguļi village and winds along the bank of the Abula to the mouth of the river Gauja, then throws a circle along forest paths and the territories of ancient manors back to Brenguļi. By the campsite Jaunarāji  the trail winds through the small but charming Mīlestība takai (“Love Trail”).

You can enjoy the splendor and diversity of the nature trail at any time of the year – in spring the first flowers of spring bloom on the banks of the river and the ivys smell, in summer the scenic views are surrounded by lush green trees, in autumn you will enjoy heather flowering, but in a snowy winter it feels like in a white fairy tale.

Ancient manors – Jaunbrenguļi and Vecbrenguļi, through which the trail passes, have gathered various notable people during their heyday, such as ornithologist Nikolajs von Tranzē, walker Jānis Daliņš, diplomat Edgars Krieviņš and many others.

After hiking along the trail, you can relax in the Brenguļu alus beer garden and taste its offering.

In nature, the trail is marked with a blue-white marking.

Map: https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1IQKdrxsMaWB4PLpCxOFU9Zge55tLpbI&usp=sharing

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