The Park of Senses is located in one of the most picturesque places in Valmiera on the banks of the river Gauja. Here you can turn a walk in the fresh air along the steep bank of the Gauja, surrounded by pine trees, into a great adventure, enjoying the versatile offer of the park. 

Baskāju taka (Barefeet trail)

Walking along the 2 km long barefeet trail, you can feel the pleasant range of emotions created by foot massage, walking along the trail surfaces such as bark mulch, pebbles, cones, clay, glass balls, chestnuts and other natural materials. The trail is also supplemented with various elements of agility.

Children’s trail in the trees

The smallest visitors to the Senses Park are invited to go on an adventure along the trail in the trees, which is specially adapted for children from the age of one (under the supervision of adults). The trail is equipped with a continuous safety system, 9 obstacles to overcome and 3 zip lines. The trail can be recommended if the big trail in the trees seems too complicated or scary. The length of the trail is 110 m and the height is 1.4 m. Maximum height – 120 cm, weight – 30 kg.

Taka kokos (“Trail in the trees”)

The trail in the trees is 1,5 km long, 5 -11 meters high challenge with 4 cable rides over the river Gauja. The track is not very difficult, but it has some more difficult sections, which are designed specifically for adrenaline hunters. The trail is equipped with a continuous safety system, with the help of which it is not possible to uncouple yourself from the safety rope during the visit.

Tīklu kubs (“Net Cube”) The “Net Cube” is a fun entertainment for anyone interested, as it is available without age restrictions. It is a 7x7x7 meter wide net surrounded zone on three floors, connected by labyrinths with various climbing elements. On the 3rd floor there is an additional net, which serves both as a comfortable sleeping area and as a trampoline for more adventurous holidaymakers.

Jāņa Daliņa iela 2, Valmiera
GPS 57.540214, 25.438918
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