One of the most picturesque and beautiful places on the banks of the river Gauja in Valmiera. The most complete outcrops of the sediments of the third terraced terrace in the ancient valley of the Gauja are 80 m wide and 10-15 m high. The trails that meander directly along the banks of the Gauja offer a scenic view of both the meandering river and the light sandy cliff, above which the pine forest stands stately. In the spring, in some places on the banks of the Gauja, agile pilgrims fly their nests in some places. You can also breathe full of fresh air, feel, listen, see and get positive feelings of adventure in the offer of the adjacent Gauja River Steep Shore Park of Senses.

Atpūtas parks, Valmiera
GPS 57.540209, 25.438903
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