Sietiņezis is one of the most beautiful rocks in Latvia and the largest white sandstone outcrop in the Baltics. It is about 15m high and 400m long.

Opinions on the name of Sietiņiezis are divided. One view is that the name comes from the appearance of a rock covered with wild bees, thus forming a sieve. The second view is that the outcrop is named after the nearby houses of Sietiņi.

From the southern part of Sietiņiezis there is an impressive view of the ancient valley of the river Gauja, and in its vicinity there are scenic pine forests. Here you can see small caves and niches, erosion ravines, as well as formations reminiscent of pillars

There are many cracks of different widths in the rock, in the past there was the largest natural arch in Latvia. Next to it is the Sietiņiezis Devil’s Bay (“Velnala”), both ends of which are open, as well as a 15 m high sandstone pillar – the Devil’s Heel (“Velna papēdis”) – a cracked sandstone protrusion with a platform at the end, which can eventually become a sandstone pillar.

The landscaped nature trail is circular and takes about 45 minutes to explore.

Vaidavas parish
GPS 57.4300651, 25.3852144
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