In the farm Silkalni, located at the Gauja National Park, it is possible to get to know various medicinal plants, participate in the collection process and learn to use them to improve health, as well as in the daily diet. During the visit, the hostess Zeltīte Kaviere offers to taste teas, syrups and tinctures.


  • Katram savu zāļu tēju! (Herbal tea for everyone!) (from the offered 15-20 plants it is possible to mix herbs for a tea to take with you)
  • Manas zāļu zintis (My herbs) (in the lesson learn to make 2 types of tinctures, 2 types of syrups, 3 types of oils, 2 types of ointments, scrubs, lotions, herbal use in inhalations, baths and saunas)
  • Puķu zīlēšana (Flower divination) (individual conversation about what the guest’s chosen plants tell about the present and the future)

Local products can be purchased on site. The visit must be booked in advance!

Silkalni, Vaidavas pagasts
GPS 57.438930, 25.241965
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