Valmiera Restaurant Week

Spring – a time when nature begins to wake up, chasing the first sprouts and plucking the cheeks with the warm rays of the sun. This is a time when we are not only becoming happier, looking for a lighter jacket and embracing the nature even more, but also when we want to supplement our taste buds with fresh spring goods and vitamins. The selected compositions of the taste of spring will be available to enjoy during the Valmiera Restaurant Week, from April 15th to 24th. Guests with a special three-course meal and a matching drink menu will be pampered by eight Valmiera caterers: restaurants DELIZIA, AKUSTIKA, RĀTES VĀRTI, VECPUISIS, the restaurant at the hotel WOLMAR and cafes VĪNKALNI PILS MĀJA, AHH-MEAT and TĒRBATA.

Although it will be possible to enjoy the whole bouquet of spring flavors, each caterer will especially highlight one flavor rich in vitamins – radish, spinach, birch bud, asparagus, chocolate, cabbage, onion or rhubarb. Visitors of the Restaurant Week will have a unique opportunity to enjoy a three-course meal worth € 25 with a selection of matching drinks at an additional cost. Advance reservations are required for special offers.

The family restaurant DELIZIA, which has also given special thought to games for the youngest visitors of the restaurant, this spring as appetizers will serve spinach risotto with quail eggs, prosciutto, chives and salmon skewers served in a bowl of herbs, for the main course – a chicken stewed in wine with mashed potatoes, maple syrup and kale chips, which is the special spring taste of this restaurant. Citrus tart with caramelized pears will be served for dessert. You will be able to enjoy the brewery of the local winery MATILDE in the matching drink menu (10 EUR). The restaurant will be closed on April 18th.

The chefs at the restaurant AKUSTIKA – a place where the evidence of the building’s history blends quite naturally with the modern aesthetic interior – for appetizers will make grilled white asparagus with pickled lemon. For the main course guests will enjoy grilled Baltic salmon with Orecchiette pasta, fish broth sauce, hazelnuts and goat cheese. The special taste of the restaurant will be chocolate, which, like the time of flowering in spring, will color a dessert – Waffle Chocolate Mousse with Tonka Bean. In the matching drinks menu (18 EUR), guests will have the opportunity to taste two different wines, matched with the food.

As every year, the restaurant RĀTES VĀRTI will prepare a pleasant surprise, showing a way to make the unusual vegetable radish as a lush spring vegetable, and inviting you to enjoy its invigorating taste! The appetizers will be served with cauliflower biscuit with nettle-perch cream, radish-birch sap aspen and spring shoots, but in the main course guests will be able to choose a Latvian-grown ostrich fillet steak with Trikāta blue mold cheese, asparagus and wild garlic foam or herb butter vanilla puree and radishes marinated in birch sap. The restaurant has made sure that everyone opens their imagination, giving the dessert the name Rhubarb. Rhubarb. Rhubarb. The matching drink card (15 EUR) will include gin, wines, as well as a port of chocolate rhubarb for dessert.

Restaurant VECPUISIS is a place for gourmets and the Restaurant Week will be no exception. In the menu of VECPUISIS you will find birch smoked lake Burtnieks pikeperch with zucchini salsa and coriander pesto, but in the main course you will be able to choose one of three dishes: grilled sirloin steak with celery root carpaccio, blue cheese and birch bud chutney; oven-baked sea bream with vegetable curry and trout caviar; new cabbage with birch bud syrup, sweet pepper, root salsa and hard cheese sauce. For dessert, a warm rhubarb pie with pistachio ice cream and birch bud caramel will be served. The matching drink card (10 EUR) will be a delight for wine lovers, but it will also be possible to taste the VECPUISIS cocktail with your dessert.

The restaurant at the hotel WOLMAR will highlight spring garden spinach in a variety of flavors. Guests will be pampered with cold water shrimp, avocado cream, quail egg and spinach for appetizers, but there will be a choice of three dishes in the main course – halibut fillet (or veal chop as the second choice) with potato gratin, cauliflower cream, asparagus and spinach-parmesan mousse; homemade ravioli stuffed with spinach and Ricotta cheese; asparagus and black truffle-mushroom sauce. For dessert, meringue in white chocolate-green tea glaze with Mascarpone cheese-lime cream. The matching drink card (12 EUR) will have different types of wines, but to supplement the dessert a real spring feeling – a refreshing Spritz!

The family pizzeria VĪNKALNI PILS MĀJA, which opened a spacious and cozy terrace last summer, will delight guests this spring with a plate of Mediterranean snacks, main course with tiger prawns fried in honey-mustard sauce, asparagus and parsnip puree, but for dessert a real Italian classic – Limoncello tiramisu. The matching drink card (12 EUR) will have traditional treats ​​- Negroni, white wine and the exquisite “Kalve” coffee. The pizzeria will be closed on the 19th and 20th of April.

Cafe AHH-MEAT will provide Turkish hospitality and delicacies. For appetizers the restaurant will serve salmon tartare with green onion pesto, pickled vegetables and roasted walnuts. For the main course, guests will enjoy duck breast with Demi glace sauce, green pea puree, caramelized onions and seaweed, and dessert with Oriental halva with yoghurt sauce and fruit. Matching drink menu (10 EUR) – wine and aromatic Turkish tea to complement dessert. The Restaurant Week offer will not be available at the cafe on April 17th, 18th, 19th, 20th and 24th.

Cafe’s TĒRBATA special spring taste – rhubarb – will permeate the entire menu. The appetizers will feature a rhubarb salad with chia seeds and rhubarb sauce, the main course will feature duck legs marinated in rhubarb and oranges with pak choi and rhubarb chutney, while the dessert will feature a rhubarb cheesecake with orange crumbs and jam. The word is that this cafe has the best cocktails. They will also delight guests with a matching drink card (EUR 21). The cafe will be closed on April 18th and 19th.

See you at Valmiera Restaurant Week – the most delicious spring event in Valmiera!

Information prepared by: Zane Krūmiņa, marketing specialist, Valmiera Municipality Tourism Board

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