Informational campaign “Explore Latvia”

Explore Latvia and collect exciting prizes!

Travel through the picturesque landscapes and behold the cultural and natural marvels of Latvia’s diverse regions! More than 60 heritage sites have seen a great deal of change over the last few years. A number of majestic manors, enchanting castles, and ancient churches along with resplendent museums stand as testaments to the land’s vibrant past. Lush parks, gardens, captivating nature trails, and beautiful beaches make you feel closer to nature than ever before.

Travel along the Baltic, Light and Freedom routes to win prizes

Prepare to be astounded, for all of the “Explore Latvia” locations have been curated into 7 awe-inspiring cultural and natural heritage routes. Travel back in time through the Baltic Route, bask in the radiance of the Freedom Route, and follow the Light Route to enlightenment. Sail along the river Daugava in the Daugava Route, roam the legendary Jēkab’s Route, traverse the historic Livonian Route, and be enchanted by the mystical Māra’s Route!

Travel along the Baltic, Light and Freedom routes to win prizes

In addition to exploring all 7 routes, you can participate in an activity which involves travelling along three of the routes:

  • Take selfies at 4 selected objects on the Baltic, Light or Freedom routes
  • Post them on your Instagram Story and tag @AtrastaLatvija
  • Present the photos at one of the places metioned below to get the prize!
Freedom Route prize

50% discount at Ventspils Water Amusement Park or Ventspils Adventure Park

Baltic Route Prize

10% discount off quad bike rent from RS noma or Upside Down House ticket

Light Route Prize

20% discount off Aerodium flight or 2 EUR discount at Valmieras museum

For the second year in a row, the Ministry of Culture continues its informational campaign “Explore Latvia”, which invites everyone to experience and discover the remarkable renovations that have revitalized and reimagined many of these places. Our website is available to all and serves as a guide to your exciting journey through Latvia. Here, you will find all the practical information you need.

The constructions and renovations of Latvia’s cultural and natural heritage sites have been ongoing since 2017, when the Ministry of Culture, with co-funding from the European Union, first pitched the idea of the project.

Baltic route:

Light route:

Freedom route:

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