Invitation to Valmiera’s 740th birthday

I invite you to my 740th birthday on July 21st, 22nd and 23rd!

The place at the end of the table will be occupied by the greatest storytellers, as they always say that deeds speak. When the works are allowed to speak for themselves, they have only one answer – celebrating success with new challenges. But it is clear that there is a lot to say in 740 years, the first story is already ready to come out of the castle walls – it’s about how I started.

Easier for the festive feeling – green is always in fashion here. Truth be told, in this collection industrial goes hand in hand with forest green.

But the joy of life no longer tries to control the joy, he has invited those who are in the waves of music like a fish in water. We will welcome on the main stage on Friday night the band “Citi zēni”, singer Intars Busulis and “Abonementa orķestris”, meanwhile the ball will be with the boys from Valmiera – the band “Džentlmeņu špagats”. On the“Harmonija brīvdabā” stage in the Dīvaliņa meadow myself and all of us will be greeted by the bands “Pienvedēja Piedzīvojumi” and “Audiokvartāls”, as well as Keitija Bārbale and PRUSAX. Meanwhile DJ Anna Briede will continue to evening festivities. On Saturday, the main stage will light up under the leadership of the band “Auļi”, we will welcome the soul of adventure NOËP from Estonia, the group “Līvi” will provide a strong continuation of the evening, and later a birthday with DJ All-viss. In Vecpuiši park, there will be a real green ball atmosphere together with groups “Sestā jūdze”, “Ziņģes brāļi” and “Zeļļi”.

It should be mentioned that good surprises are expected. See you soon when I reveal what we will do, see, hear, learn, taste and experience during the holidays! A medal for you for having Valmiera in your heart!

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We will ring in my birthday with the most ambitious ethnomusical event in Latvia – the Valmiermuiža Ethnomusic Festival will take place on July 15 in the Valmiermuiža park. The local sounds will be represented by Jauno Jāņu Orķestris, the archaic feel of the north will be shaped by Norwegian dark folk, the powerful sound of Eastern Europe will be provided by Ukrainians, but the hot-blooded rhythms and the sun will be brought by musicians from Italy.

Yours truly, Valmiera

Information prepared by: Zane Bulmeistare, Deputy head, Branding and public relations department, Valmiera municipality. Phone no: 26443410

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