An overnight stay at Oleri Manor will be perfect for guests who want to feel the charm of a Latvian country manor. The manor complex is surrounded by a 19th-century romantic garden with a typical layout and choice of plants, while sheep graze in the meadows of the manor. Here you can relax in a bright, Nordic-style room on two levels, overlooking the south terrace and the historic manor landscape garden. Guests have the exclusive opportunity to heat their own furnace. Upon prior request, you can go on a tour and get acquainted with the history of the manor. The ancient forest park and the Oleri bog trail will be suitable for leisurely walks and enjoying the peace of nature..


  • 1 room, 4 beds
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Catering
Oleru muiža, Jeru pagasts
GPS 57.809307, 25.362648
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