Ķoņi kalns is the largest drumlin in Latvia and Eastern Europe, formed as a result of melting glaciers. Its absolute height is 92.6 m, relative 35 m, length 9.6 km, width 2.4 km. From Ķoņi Hill you can see the expressive natural and cultural history of this place, swing in the big wooden swing, as well as sit in the Wind Chariot, the God’s chair and see the wide landscape to the Burtnieki valley.

A small pond in the shape of the Baltic Sea has been created on Ķoņi Hill, and a cognitive stone trail has been built next to it. It will be interesting to see the various stones, which, as a result of the melting of the glacier, were brought from the north of Scandinavia and placed in very significant places by the Baltic Sea pond, thus symbolizing from which side the stones were washed away.

Such an exhibition with the Baltic Sea model is unique, and the collection of 50 stones assembled in the current places of origin of the stones provides an opportunity to gain knowledge that cannot be obtained elsewhere. An open-air stage has been created at the top of Ķoņi Hill, where the Ķoņi Hill Festival, Midsummer celebrations and other cultural events take place every year.

Ķoņu pagasts
GPS 57.938620, 25.339277
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