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Gorgeous, fragrant and vitamin-rich autumn harvests are already filling cellars and warehouse shelves. A cool armchair outside the window alternates with a mood filled with warm light and candle flame, while the mind and heart are filled with solemnly patriotic feelings about the anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic of Latvia. From November 10th to the 20th, we invite residents of Valmiera and guests of the town to the Valmiera Restaurant Week, during which several local restaurants in cooperation with Valmiera region farms will delight with a selection of autumn flavors.                

Valmiera region is rich in various entrepreneurs and farms, where a diverse range of products and raw materials are produced. The chefs of the restaurants in Valmiera respect and highly regard the local producers as well. Promoting their wider recognition and sustainability, each restaurant will highlight one of its cooperation partners in its offer – a local Valmiera region farm, giving its products a special role in the examined menu. Visitors of the Restaurant Week will have the great opportunity to enjoy a three-course meal worth EUR 30 with a selection of matching drinks for an additional fee. In order to enjoy the special offers, in advance reservation is required.

Get acquainted with the menus!

Restaurant “Akustika” is a place with a pleasant atmosphere in one of the most beautiful ancient buildings of Valmiera. The elegant restaurant is combined with a cultural space for various musical events, intertwining several art forms in one place – culinary, visual and musical. The “Akustika” team will emphasize the production of ecologically grown meat from the “Bauņu bullītis” brand in its Restaurant Week offer. The manager of the restaurant, Uģis Bormanis, emphasizes: “We have been working with Jānis Šļukštiņš since day one of the restaurant, including in the menu high-quality meat of reliable origin and ecologically clean, grown right here, in Matīši. We will serve game and beef to our guests, complementing it with seasonal delicacies, matching the meal with a selection of taste-enhancing wines.” It should be noted that there will also be a vegetarian offer as an option. The whole menu is available HERE.

Restorāna Akustika un Zemnieku saimniecības Bauņu bullītis pārstāvji

“Rātes vārti” is a family restaurant in the very heart of Valmiera, opposite St. Sīmanis church, with many years of rich experience. The masterful team of chefs and waiters will provide a pleasant atmosphere and meal, making the guests’ taste buds experience a journey of autumn flavors. In various versions and combinations, you can enjoy the royal autumn berry – pumpkin – from the “Jaunstokas” farm. “This farm has already pleased us with its autumn harvest, so we continue the cooperation without a doubt” – says the “Rātes vārti” team. The whole menu is available HERE.

Rātes vārtu šefpavārs kopā ar Zemenieku saimniecības Jaunstokas saimnieku

In Valmiera’s romantic Vecpuišu Park and in the historically important Valmiera Pavilion building, lies the family restaurant “Vecpuisis”, run by the enthusiastic team of cooks and waiters led by Sanita and Jānis Siliņi. In the Restaurant Week offer, guests will be offered a choice between two menu options, which will bring the best Lake Burtnieku fish into a tempting palette of flavors on the plate. “Fishing is the passion and recreation of chef Jānis Siliņš, during which he often comes up with ideas for new flavors on the menu, so when choosing a local farm, the choice naturally fell in favor of Normunds Eglītis’ fishing farm “Mezgli” –Sanita Siliņa adds. The whole menu is available HERE.

Restorāna Vecpuisis šefpavārs un Zvejnieku saimniecības Mezgli saimnieks

The restaurant of the hotel “Wolmar”  is like a window to the natural world, where flora and fauna interact with each other, with meadow motifs running through the interior. This year’s Restaurant Week offer will once again include autumn harvest gifts from the countryside and the nature of Latvia will be brought to the table, especially highlighting the farm “Kaņepītes”, which this year won the right to use the trademark “Radīts Valmieras novadā”. Liāna Dance, owner of the “Wolmar” hotel: “During the meeting with the owners, we felt enormous enthusiasm and pride for our performance. Our restaurant team will be equally excited to include these organic products in the menu, highlighting the diversity of their uses. The prepared dishes will be a tribute to Latvian holidays and to you.”  The whole menu is available HERE.

Viesnīcas Wolmar Šefpavāre un Zemnieku saimniecības Kaņepītes saimnieks

Cafe “Ahh-meat” is a cozy location in Valmiera, where everyone from Valmiera and also town guests can enjoy Turkish cuisine and drinks full of expressive flavors in the company of friends and family. Special emphasis in the Restaurant Week menu will be placed on the preparation of meat products from the local Rencēni parish farm SIA “Lizagro”. The owner of the cafe Ahmets Buluts and his wife Laila Vaskāne-Buluta: “On the menu, we would like to highlight the SIA “Lizagro” farm, which is managed by its owner Aldis Trēziņš together with his wife and little son. Aldis is a person with good values ​​and respect for nature. In the livestock farm, everything we require is grown on location, practicing nature-friendly farming methods that are also in line with our values.” The whole menu is available HERE.

Kafejnīcas Ahh-meta saimnieks un SIA Lizagro saimnieks

At the beginning of November the Visit Valmiera Facebook page will host a give-away, allowing five lucky ones to have the opportunity to enjoy the Valmiera Restaurant Week offer for two people in one of the restaurants.

After enjoying the Valmiera Restaurant Week offer, we encourage to fill out a short survey about your experience on the website:

See you at the Valmiera autumn tastes journey!

Information prepared by: Baiba Misiņa, Valmiera Region Tourism Board, Marketing specialist. Mob. phone: 25770028

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