The Valmiera Tourist Information Centre receives the “Hiker-friendly” badge

At the meeting of the “Gājējam draudzīgs” (“Hiker-friendly”) commission held in Latvia at the end of February this year, 87 companies and tourism service providers, including the Valmiera Tourist Information Centre, were awarded the “Hiker-friendly” badge. It is organized within the framework of the project “Long-distance cross-border hiking route “Mežtaka””. In total, 104 pedestrian-friendly hospitality service providers have already been awarded the badge in Latvia.

At the February meeting, the recognition badge “Hiker-friendly” was also awarded to several hospitality service providers from Valmiera and the future Valmiera region:                  

  • Valmiermuiža Brewery
  • Zilaiskalns cultural history and visitors centre
  • Timemachine Apartment
  • Valmiera technical school hotel
  • RIGA street Apartments 54
  • Camping “Ezerpriedes”
  • Leisure complex “Vakarvēji”

The “Hiker-friendly” badge is awarded to hospitality service providers in all the Baltic states, whose offer and availability of services are tailored specifically to the needs of pedestrians, meeting a number of certain criteria. For example, does the service provider offer information on itineraries, hikes in nature, or are the main needs of travelers met – drinking water, facilities, charging points, or does the traveler feel welcome, understood and kindly serviced in the specific hospitality place.   Any entrepreneur or service provider in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia that already offers or wants to offer services suitable for pedestrians can apply for the “Hiker-friendly” badge. The badge is awarded to accommodation services, restaurants, tourist information centres, petrol stations, shops, etc. service providers for travelers. The badge has a unified visual identity in all Baltic countries. For more information about the “Hiker-friendly” badge and criteria visit here. The next commission meeting is planned for May 2021. Those interested can apply by writing to [email protected].  

The Valmiera Tourist Information Centre invites you to go in nature, enjoy spring and choose suitable walking routes. At the beginning of this year, the Valmiera Tourist Information Centre in cooperation with the tourism specialists of the future Valmiera region from Beverīna, Burtnieki, Kocēni, Mazsalaca, Naukšēni, Rūjiena and Strenči counties has gathered a list of more than 20 different walking places and nature trails according to their distance. For lovers of short walks, walks up to ~ 5 km will be suitable, a more active adventurer will appreciate the ideas for hiking up to 15 km, while a lover of long hikes will be able to go on one of the long-distance offers up to ~ 30 km!  

Information prepared by:
Anita Tīlena
Head of Valmiera TIC,
Valmiera city municipality
Mob. phone.: +371 25664420

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