Discover the New Travel Guide of Valmiera Municipality!

When you turn on your imagination and open the new guidebook “Travel in Valmiera Municipality!”, you will get the feeling that the pages of the booklet contain children’s laughter and cheers, rustling forests and river bends, animal voices and hospitable people, threads of tradition and the feeling of a well-eaten meal. The booklet includes various recreation and entertainment options, it will be a great guide of ideas when planning holidays, welcoming guests and exploring the undiscovered treasures of Valmiera Municipality.

The beginning of the guidebook reveals 10 facts about Valmiera Municipality, as well as includes a map divided into six regions that are used for grouping the tourist attractions shown in the booklet. The bright colours of the sections and the names of towns and villages will not allow getting lost in the booklet. But the zoomed-in view of the map with marked sights, accommodation and catering options, as well as the largest active recreation routes will help you navigate in the area of each territory. In the final spread of the booklet, you can find information about the places for renting active recreation equipment. When planning your free time, you should take into account that some of the attractions included in the booklet prefer prior arrangement of your visit by calling at the phone number indicated in the guide.

The digital version of the published guidebook is available here, but the printed guide can be obtained at Valmiera Tourism Information Centre (Bruņinieku Street 1) and soon also elsewhere – at tourism service providers and municipal customer service centres of Valmiera Municipality. The guide is available in five languages – Latvian, English, Estonian, Lithuanian and Russian. The booklet “Travel in Valmiera Municipality!” has been published by the Tourism Board of Valmiera Municipality.

More information about tourism opportunities can be found on the tourism website of Valmiera Municipality, while other thematic tourism resources can be found here. Valmiera Municipality can also be explored with a tour guide, more information and application form is available here.

Information prepared by: Madara Stukmane, Valmiera Municipality Tourism Board Entrepreneurship Specialist, Phone: +371 25437177,

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