Around 30 different wooden sculptures in honor of the raftsmen have been erected in the Strenči Gaujmala, so that the memories of the rafting trade, which was so widespread in these places in the past, do not disappear. As part of the annual Gauja Rafting Festival, a competition for sawing wooden sculptures is taking place, when new sculptures are being built, which will later be installed in the Wooden Sculpture Park, delighting both small and large visitors.

While walking along the Gauja Nature Trail, enjoy being in nature, experience the beauty and diversity of nature, as well as see cultural and historical sites. On the trail you will see such elements of the landscape typical of the old rivers as the flooded islands, peculiar trees – the oak of Dravas, which preserves evidence of beekeeping, an old fragment of a paved road and Strenči rapids, which are loved by boaters and other interested people. Observe the variability of the banks of the Gauja and, especially after the spring floods, realize the mighty power of the river.

The trail marking is white with blue and yellow lines. One trail circle ~ 5km, the other circle ~ 7km.

Strenču Gaujmala
GPS 57.623440, 25.690126
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