In the Jērcēnmuiža, with its bright appearance, the manor’s Freileņi house, painted in pink tones, was built by Baron Adalbert von Kridener for his unmarried sisters (around 1900).

There you can see four tiled stoves, classicist-style doors, doorways and wooden ceilings that have been preserved in their original appearance, testifying to the ancient life of the nobility. There is an exhibition hall and a shooting range in the barn of Jērcēnmuiža, which reflects the education and passion of life – nature and hunting – of Baron von Kriedener, who was one of the first observers of flying birds in Vidzeme.

Imagine the former greatness of the manor, walking around Jaunjērcēni Park, which surrounds the manor complex in an area of ​​4.2 hectares. It is home to a wide variety of rare plant and bird species.

Jērcēnmuiža, Jaunjērcēni
GPS 57.690994, 25.649724
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