An industrial heritage site, the steel iron bridge over the river Gauja was built in 1911. It connected the 114 km long route Ainaži-Valmiera-Smiltene, last completed in 1971. Nowadays, it is popular as a place for rest, meetings and walks, as well as being part of the Green Railway cycle route. The people of Valmiera fondly call the bridge Dzelzītis.

When visiting The Iron Bridge, imagine a narrow-gauge train running here many years ago, the speed of which was that the most reckless passengers could jump out to run over the embankment, pick up the flowers and jump back in the train.

The narrow-gauge railway line Smiltene-Valmiera-Ainaži was designed in 1908. The project executor, foreman and engineer in one person was Count von Lieven. Timber, cereals, meat, butter, cattle, flax and other things were to be transported from Smiltene to Valmiera, while food, construction materials, mineral fertilizers, agricultural tools and furniture were returned to Smiltene from Valmiera.

Dzelzs tilts, Valmiera
GPS 57.5281349, 25.4091024
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