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THE Valmiera art benches - on the route alog the river Gauja!
Valmiera's application for the title of European Capital of Culture (ECOC) 2027 – openly true and motivating!
We have prepared ideas for cycling routes of different lengths, natural landscapes and levels of complexity in the Valmiera region!
Get inspired and go on one of the nature trails in the upcoming Valmiera region! We have collected trails up to 5, 15 and 30 kilometers.
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The Valmiera Art Benches – on the route along the river Gauja

Instead of a canvas, a wooden bench, instead of exhibition halls - the urban environment of Valmiera, moreover, spectators have the opportunity not only to see the work of art, but also to sit in it. These are the Valmiera Art Benches. Also this year, Valmiera residents and town guests are delighted by new benches painted by artists. Inviting you to take a walk along the city's main street - the river Gauja, the Art Benches are located on a new route on both banks of the Gauja.