In May You are welcome to enjoy concerts, social gatherings and active recreation at Valmiera and surroundings!
Explore Events Guide 2018 and visit concerts, festivals, art and sport events at Valmiera and vinicity!
Explore ancient Hanseatic city of Valmiera! Families with children will find exciting activities for everyone!
The main aim of the project Explore HANSA is to facilitate the values of the historical Hanseatic League.
Brochure with suggestions on how to spend your holidays in the Gauja National Park
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The number of visitors to the Valmiera Tourism InformationCentre is increasing

Valmiera Tourism Information Centre (TIC) have visited more than 10,000 visitors in 2017, according to statistics collected by the Valmiera Tourism Information Centre. This indicator has grown by less than 3% and the increase in the number of visitors as a positive trend is observed annually.