Exciting summer adventure in Valmiera Municipality: 3 ideas for holidays

If you want to visit Latvia in the summer with your family, friends, or business team, Valmiera Municipality must be one of your trips! The Gauja Valley, Lake Burtnieks, manors, museums, active recreation, and SPA – guests can enjoy various recreation and entertainment options to suit their preferences. A thrilling summer trip in Valmiera Municipality is promised for everyone, whether it is a weekend in Valmiera or a week-long unwinding getting to know the most notable spots in the region!

Discover, Learn, and Taste the Valmiera Municipality

Valmiera Municipality is Latvia’s second-largest municipality. Beautiful scenery, modern cities, a diverse cultural programme, and the chance to travel back in time – you may find all this and more in the Valmiera Municipality this summer. Check out these three suggestions for getting to know the Valmiera region and start organising your vacation immediately!

  1. Visit Valmiera

Valmiera is a city worth visiting to see its development, enjoy its friendliness and diverse events, and learn about lesser-known but notable sights.

If you plan to visit Valmiera this summer, explore the city’s extensive cultural program. 740. Valmiera birthday celebration, popular and classical music concerts, exhibitions, and family day events. Combine your vacation in Valmiera with enjoying cultural events!

What is a must-do for every visitor to the city? Being in Valmiera, you must climb St. Simon’s Church tower to look at the city from above. If you are lucky with the weather, you will even be able to see the peak of Zilaiskalns Hill! While in Valmiera, enjoy the city’s gastronomic offers. Valmiermuiža beer kitchen, family pizzeria “Vīnkalni Pizzeria“, restaurant “Akustika” or cafe “Ahh-meat” – the world’s favourite flavours in one place in Valmiera!

  1. Explore Mazsalaca, Rūjiena, Seda un Strenči

Mazsalaca, Rūjiena, Seda, and Strenči should be included in your vacation plan to get to know Valmiera Municipality in all its splendour. A walk through the small towns of Valmiera Municipality will allow you to admire nature’s magnificence while learning about the history and crafts the region is proud of.

In Mazsalaca, you will enjoy hiking and unique natural views on the banks of the Salaca River on a walk along the Skaņaiskalns nature park and the Dauģēni nature trail. At the same time, in Valtenberģi manor and Sēļi manor, you can get to know history through various museum expositions.

In Rūjiena, be sure to visit the pride of the entire region – the legendary Rūjiena ice cream factory. During an excursion, guests get insight into the Rūjiena ice cream-making process and the many ice cream flavours.

In Strenči – the International Raftsmen Town – you can get to know the boatman’s craft, which is historically so common in this region. Visit “Strenču Gaujmala” to see more than 30 wooden sculptures in honour of the rafters.

In Seda, on the other hand, you can not only see the unique urban planning and architecture of Stalin’s classicism in Latvia but also get to know the cultural landscape of the Seda bog, which consists of peat fields, bog ponds, and a narrow-gauge railway.

  1. Celebrate in Valmiera Municipality

Summer is a season of celebration, with weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties, anniversaries, events, and group festivities. If you want to surprise your family, friends, or coworkers with a unique gathering this summer, consider celebrating the holidays in Valmiera Municipality! Organising events in the Valmiera region gives various housing and food options, as well as cultural and recreational possibilities.

To allow you to get to know the Valmiera region easily and comfortably during your celebrations or other important events, we have developed a particular Roadgames interactive adventure game for the Valmiera Municipality. On the other hand, if you prefer active recreation, you will find everything in the Valmiera region, from boating or SUP trips along Gauja, hiking and bicycle routes to golf and recreation parks for children and adults.

The article was written by Marketing Communications Manager for the Draugiem Group’s brand Roadgames Annija Bicule, +371 67271410

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