The 12 km long circular route is designed in the direction from the Boat dock in Valmiera (Pilskalna street 1) along the Kazu rapids, across the Vanšu bridge and further along the left bank of the river Gauja to the Valmiera bypass bridge. When crossing the bypass bridge, continue along the right bank of the river Gauja back to the starting point of the route. The scenic route reveals the most beautiful ornament in Valmiera – the river Gauja, which paints the city with its flow just like an artist’s brush. In some places, its banks with the rapid flow of the river intertwine in an intense color palette, elsewhere in the calm painting of nature you can feel other colors. Everything in one place – between four bridges across the river Gauja.

The route can be guided by a white and blue color combination marking, shown in a rectangular shape. The road surface of the hiking route is variable – forest and gravel roads, as well as asphalt.

!!! From November 1, 2023, construction works are planned on the bypass bridge. During construction (until spring), crossing the bridge will be secured. However, when crossing the bridge during construction works, we ask you to be extra careful! It should be taken into account that there may be obstacles on the way, including heavy vehicles, which may hinder movement! In 2024, the bridge will be closed in certain periods.

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